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Daniel Kivo Always Finds the Right People for The Right Company

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Most employers know that filling their company with the right people will give them better outcomes and help them achieve their goals. And finding the right people is what the human resources department is for. But when their methods may need a revamp, or the company needs to improve their recruitment strategy, they can turn to a human resource professional like Daniel Kivo. With years of experience in marketing, recruitment, sales, and human resources, he can help companies create strategies that will ensure their growth.

Daniel Kivo is a strategic talent sourcing professional with extensive experience working with major organizations. In his decade-long career, Daniel has been given core leadership positions as he worked to position the company for increased growth and profitability through innovative sourcing strategies, optimization of return on human capital, and realignment of departmental performance to company goals and objectives.

Given his successful track record, Daniel Kivo has built lasting positive relationships with the people he worked with. His expert guidance has allowed him to understand their business needs and develop effective strategies to meet their goal. Organizations also report that Daniel exhibits a strong work ethic and innate ability to exhibit enthusiasm, drive, and initiative.

A graduate of Vanguard University with a communication degree, he soon went to get a master’s degree in human resources at Claremont GraduateUniversity. After his formal education, Daniel also sought out training and certification in other areas which he could use for his preferred line of work. 

Daniel has a long track record of success in human resources, marketing, and sales for different corporate entities and organizations. Soon after graduating, he joined the United States Navy as a human resource specialist from 2010 to 2014. After that, he worked for two years at Showdown Events Company as a sales executive.

In 2016, Daniel Kivo joined Link Consulting. During his time with this company, Daniel was in charge of the entire recruitment phase. His responsibilities included sourcing, interviewing, referencing, and negotiating offers for candidates for the Medical and IT departments. During this period, Daniel was able to create a new data-based candidate selection parameter. He was also responsible for the development of an automated resume screening process. Both of these contributions sped up the recruitment process and made it more efficient. 

Recently, Daniel Kivo established Hire VA Now, a virtual marketplace where business owners and employers can look for qualified virtual assistants for their business. Applicants interested in the role of virtual assistants had to be proficient in different areas, such as  e-commerce, web development, and digital marketing. They are screened based on work skills, attitude, experience, and communication skills. The platform then lists the top candidates that business owners can choose from. 

The human resource space has been evolving, and Daniel Kivo has been at the forefront of these changes. His long-term experience, paired with his innovative ideas and methods make him well-suited to adapt to the changes in human resource needs. His leadership skills put him a cut above the rest, and will surely help his career develop further in the years to come. Daniel Kivo is a strategic talent sourcing professional with a decade of experience in human resources.

To learn more about him and his work, you can check his LinkedIn page or follow him on Instagram.

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