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CSTM HAUS Spearheads Innovation with the Launch of ArkHAUS

The advent of technology generally evokes a range of emotions and creative abilities in people from all walks of life. While some consider the digital era as a great evil that slowly diminishes human ingenuity, others view it as a way to bring individuals and communities closer together and enable people to solve the most significant challenges in life. For CSTM HAUS, a rising brand and one of the leading innovative figures across a wide variety of industries, technology is an effective tool that builds bridges between people, allowing them to connect with one another while sparking innovative breakthroughs in order to create a better world. 

Primarily rooted in New York City and Miami Beach, CSTM HAUS is a trailblazing platform that consistently transcends limitations, exceeds expectations, and pushes boundaries. For many years, the entity has emerged as a leader of innovation, inviting artists, investors, and individuals from all professional backgrounds to upgrade their lifestyles and establish meaningful connections with like-minded people. Today, it remains to stand at the forefront of change, launching the world’s first-ever floating members’ club, the ArkHAUS.

ArkHAUS is a multi-story, floating villa passionately established to drive positive change among go-getters. Carefully curated to balance success with relaxation, it is composed of spacious outdoor decks and opulent rooftop lounges that are built with a protected pool at the center of the structure to embody the “work hard, play hard” escape. ArkHAUS not only acts as CSTM HAUS’s latest and most exciting development, but it also seeks to materialize the vision of the company, which is to create a better world for society’s most promising professionals and leaders. 

Although the ArkHAUS appears to float on water, it is actually situated slightly above the water in order to eliminate the impact of waves. CSTM HAUS thought it best to build a structure that not only emerges as a premier-looking spot but also functions as an unconventional platform for forward-thinking individuals. Pushing the boundaries with fully electric propulsion and solar roof deck awnings, the innovative structure is a physical manifestation of the CSTM HAUS values, which sit at the intersection of people and technology.

Being an extraordinary enterprise that is currently making its way of becoming an instrument of transformation, CSTM HAUS redefines social connections by consistently going over and beyond to achieve its purpose-driven goal. As a matter of fact, the fresh concepts that the company provides exceed expectations, allowing members to enjoy a variety of amenities while getting work done. Boasting colors that exude a practical clientele, attentive service, and avant-garde architecture, CSTM is setting the bar high across the industry.

Without a doubt, CSTM HAUS stands at the forefront of change, delivering the promise of success and relaxation to professionals and go-getting individuals across the globe. Its latest project, ArkHAUS, is a beacon of opportunities, opening doors for the next generation of changemakers across a wide variety of industries. Working on expanding globally, CSTM is bound to translate its vision into reality.To know more about CSTM HAUS and its latest project, the ArkHAUS, you may visit their website.

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