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Coach Latasha Brooks Helping Businesses Achieve Exponential Organizational Growth

There’s a popular saying that a candle does not see its own base. Interestingly, it is the same with businesses and many organizations. It usually takes the input and advice of an external entity to accurately evaluate a business and advise accordingly. Coach Latasha Brooks has been the voice of reason for many organizations and has helped them achieve exponential growth in their operations.

Coach Latasha Brooks is a highly sought-after entrepreneur, business development consultant and motivational speaker. She has put her God-given wisdom and experience to support large and small companies to help them achieve growth through her consulting business, Coach Brooks Business Consulting. She’s well-versed in corporate training, government contracts and event planning. Her expertise is geared towards supporting her clients with precision and helping them achieve their goals in record time.

Coach Latasha Brooks helps businesses figure out how to work with the federal government and help small businesses grow by improving their business credit. Coach Brooks is also slated to speak at the upcoming Minority GovCon Business Summit in Washington DC, where she hopes to deliver value and impact to the attendees.

The target for Coach Brooks Business Consulting includes small businesses, entrepreneurs and corporations looking for growth. The company thrives on four values – transparency, professionalism, passion and support. “We work and live by these timeless values. Our systems are simple and accessible at all times, making the interpretation and understanding of your credit standing as plain as day. We take great effort in breaking down your credit report and recommendations into bit-size statements that are clear and concise for basic interpretation,” she said. With thousands of business owners passing through her mentorship program, Latasha Brooks has established herself as a worthy mentor on financial management.

Latasha draws motivation to keep her coaching practice going from her family. She worked hard to leave corporate America and establish her own business that she could run at her own pace and in the way she wanted. And as the practice continued to grow, her vision for the next five years includes becoming a well-recognized top-rated expert in the business world. “I’m also really excited to fully transition from booked and busy to paid to free. I’ve been lucky enough to work with some amazing business leaders, and so there is so much potential growth in my industry, and that is something I’m really excited about,” Brooks declared.

She wants to contribute her quota to the business world by building the next generation of successful business owners who have got all the important aspects of their business on lock.Learn more about Coach Latasha Brooks on her official website.

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