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ASTR by Dr. Joseph Jacobs Aims to Empower Patients to Treat Chronic Pain at Home

Even with the advancements in modern medicine, a lot of medical conditions still require patients to have more than one doctor or medical professional for the care and treatment they need. Chronic pain is one such condition, and it usually requires a team of five to seven healthcare providers for one to get proper treatment. But the Advanced Soft Tissue Release (ASTR) treatment is changing all that but giving patients the option to do the treatment themselves in the comfort of their own homes.

ASTR is a Biopsychosocial treatment model proven effective in treating chronic pain based on the results of over 45 studies. The traditional Biopsychosocial model usually requires patients to be treated on-site by healthcare providers who are experts in providing such treatment. But while the option may sound precise as it is administered by a team of dedicated professionals, it can also be expensive, therefore limiting the number of patients who can afford it.

ASTR is a new Biopsychosocial treatment approach developed by Dr. Joseph Jacobs, Doctor of Physical Therapy and is known for treating pain precisely from the source. He creates first home self-treatment programs utilizing medical tools that will allow patients to undergo more cost-efficient procedures and empower them to treat themselves in the comfort of their homes.

ASTR provides the same effects of the traditional biopsychosocial treatment model, only that the patients are equipped to perform the treatment themselves. The process addresses scar tissue, fascia restrictions, proper nutrition, inflammation, posture, body mechanics, ergonomics, lifestyle changes, and exercise. Dr. Jacob’s patented tools are recognized for breaking down scar tissues effectively, reducing inflammation that causes chronic pain. 

“We create and package step-by-step online programs and easy-to-use toolkits for on-the-go patients who are ready to treat themselves from the comfort of their home. We also create and package high-quality programs and toolkits for providers who want to provide their patients with fast, long-term pain relief,” shared Dr. Jacobs.

With his innovative approach to treating chronic pain, Dr. Jacobs has successfully created a new category of healthcare that introduces patient empowerment. ASTR is making a difference in many lives through its capability to treat musculoskeletal pain at home by following precise self-treatment methods. 

Asked what motivated him to create self-treatment procedures, Dr. Jacobs shared that he himself used to suffer from chronic migraines, headaches, fatigue, and pain, especially after his second cancer treatment. During those challenging times, he could not overcome his disability or relieve his symptoms using traditional modalities. Even for a medical professional like himself, Dr. Jacobs found it hard to cope with his condition.

Hence, surviving what were the darkest days of his life, Dr. Jacobs created ASTR to help patients overcome pain and disability and cut healthcare costs. ASTR is an evidence-based treatment, and Dr. Jacobs is confident that the treatment will help and empower more people like himself.

“There is an option for patients to treat the root cause of chronic pain, and I hope to encourage them to take charge of their health,” stressed Dr. Jacobs.

Learn more about ASTR on its website.

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