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Anna Zakkery: How to Change Careers after a Layoff and Start Earning in Digital Marketing and Sales

Anna Zakkery
Photo Courtesy: Anna Zakkery

By: Christopher Maclain

This article will be useful for those who are currently working in a niche where a strong crisis is approaching or has already begun. For those who have recently been laid off. And for those who understand that their business requires major changes but do not know exactly what. Undoubtedly, it is very difficult at a certain age to switch to another niche. If you have been fired from one company, you are looking for a similar position in another. But often the niche itself is dying out or there is simply no worthy alternative. And there comes a moment when you ask yourself: how else can I earn a living and feed my family?

To answer this question, we asked the founder and CEO of the ZMG online production center, a master of management, author of educational online courses and books on digital marketing, which are currently being studied by over 7,000 students, a participant in the “100 Best Entrepreneurs” rating, the creator of a unique methodology for launching an online course with a seven-figure income, Anna Zakkery.

What to do if you’ve been laid off

For eight years, Anna Zakkery and the ZMG company have been involved in online education: popularizing courses, attracting more students, helping to create good marketing funnels, and conducting webinars.

“I have seen many successful entrepreneurs and those who went bankrupt. I can say for sure that of all the niches we have on the current agenda, digital marketing and online sales are the advanced industries with a low entry threshold and high income velocity. You don’t need to study for a long time, you don’t need to invest large amounts of money. And you can start right now,” says Zakkery.

So, if you find yourself in a situation where you feel it’s time to change your career direction, pay attention to Digital Marketing and online sales. According to the expert, it is in this configuration, when you create your own online course and promote it or help another person create and promote an online course, that you can find recognition and good stable money.

Learning digital marketing, according to Zakkery, takes 3-4 months. You can study on your own: buy the online launch bible by Jeff Walker “Launch” and start with it.

A small step towards a big future

The ideal scenario is when you take a prepared online course, then start working and gain experience. “I assure you that with the right investment of your efforts, persistence, and perseverance, in just 6 months you can earn a salary comparable to that of a nurse in the USA, who studied for 6 years at university,” says Anna Zakkery.

And if you add another 1-2 years of practice and eagerly study all the new tools, you can earn several years’ salary of an average American in 1 month. Just imagine: there are such wonderful tools as selling webinars, where in 2 hours you can earn a million dollars!

“Is this niche unworthy for you to just take a look at it? This is a very interesting direction, and with all my heart I have been in love with it for 8 years already,” says Anna Zakkery.

What you need to start in Digital Marketing

First of all, choose the right niche. The direction in which you will create your own online product. If you want to help someone create an online course, then you need to choose an educational project. If you want to become an expert and create your own product, start with what you are already good at. Worked in IT for 10 years? Think about the IT niche. Were you a nurse? Create a course on a medical topic.

“Don’t think that people are unlikely to buy your product. You don’t know anything about digital marketing yet to judge like that. Even after 8 years of work, I can’t say for sure if a niche will hold up or if it’s not worth launching. There are always “buts” and market specifics,” says Zakkery.

After you have chosen a niche, decide where you will publish your content. Yes, now you will have to write articles, run your blog. Decide where it will be: Instagram, YouTube, VKontakte, TikTok, anything.

Now plan your calendar. What you will do on which dates. This is very important: when you change professions, there is a tendency to procrastinate, when you cannot do something for a year or two. This is a very, very difficult process. Therefore, it is important to immediately create a calendar plan for yourself.

And then just watch, learn, explore, get acquainted. Do everything to quickly adapt to the new niche for you. And subscribe to Anna Zakkery’s blog. The expert daily tells how you can quickly turn around in the online education niche, create various products, and start earning. We wish you success!

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