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An International Perspective – Nick J Kyte’s Best Places In The World To Buy Property in 2022

In an ever changing world where it’s hard to keep track of the news and geo-political factors that affect finance and investment, it can be difficult to know where to put your money.   

Nick J. Kyte, a luxury real estate agent based in Ottawa, the capital of Canada and a truly international city home to diplomats from around the world, knows high end.  Media around the world regularly come to him for his perspective and predictions  on trends in the housing market.   Authority Magazine once called him a “Rising Star” in real estate – and with a 93% referral rate, and a 5-star Google rating – it’s clear that his clients agree.  With recent appearances on CTV in Canada and Ticker TV in Australia, Kyte has also been cited in numerous international publications. 

Kyte has established himself as a skilled top producer – In the competitive Ottawa real estate market, Nick is renowned for connecting clients to qualified domestic and international buyers and an active luxury branding community.

Recently Kyte took time out of his busy schedule to give Market Daily some exclusive commentary on the most stable and secure countries for real estate investment and emerging international markets – along with some insider tips for investing in the hottest markets in North America..

When asked for his own top 5, Kyte is quick to answer.

“The US, Germany, Canada, the UK and Australia,” he says decisively.


“Those five countries have consistently been top-of-mind for real estate markets to invest in. The reasoning is they offer the opportunity for a safer and stable real estate market, which as an investor, is essential for choosing countries to purchase homes or investment properties.” 

Within the North American marketplace, he says, three Florida cities – Hollywood, Cape Coral and St Augustine along with San Tan Valley and Surprise, Arizona come out on top.  

 “The criteria investors look for in a hot real estate market include job growth, population, rent increases, and home values and appreciation. With this in mind, and the demand we are seeing for properties in these two states, it is not surprising that these top 5 cities are at the forefront and attracting a lot of attention for the highest median home appreciation. Also, not surprisingly these two states are amongst the most desired as retirement destinations.”

 “Simply put,” Nick says, “Coastal and sunshine are at the top of the list as well, with buyers and investors seeking to invest in Florida and Arizona.

Nick reminds readers not to overlook the hot Canadian real estate market.   Canada is on the list for most stable countries to invest in – an important consideration for international investors. 

Nick’s Picks for the top 5 cities to invest in real estate in Canada. 

Windsor,  Ontario 

Hamilton,  Ontario 

Montreal, Quebec

Kelowna, British Columbia

Ottawa, Ontario

Each city has seen a significant uptake in demand for real estate and at the same time is experiencing a low supply of inventory,  driving the values up. 

Of course, as Nick points out with a smile, “It’s not a shock to see the Nation’s Capital of Canada, Ottawa making the list with a large portion of the population working in the Federal Government, coupled with a very steady growth in the High Tech and e-commerce sectors, factors that are placing a lot of eyes, both domestic and internationally, on the capital as it continues to experience a rise in value in residential real estate.” 

In terms of emerging international markets, Kyte says “Brazil, China, and India are consistently mentioned, but ultimately, with the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, undoubtedly there will be some dramatic changes within particular countries, and this is what investors are watching for, when making decisions on which countries to invest in.”  

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