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“92% Do Not Achieve Their Health Goals, Research Shows This Is What Separates The 8% That Succeed”

Despite having many aspects of their personal and professional life figured out, research shows that 92% of people do not achieve their health goals. Many women spend thousands of dollars on personal trainers, professional health coaching, and other weight loss solutions but still fall short of sustainable results.

Women’s health expert, Abram Anderson, explains the only way to reach health goals long term needs to start with fixing the underlying reason why a health plan fails.

“Women’s health is a very complicated subject with many plans that can work well to get a desired result but if someone is following a meal plan or exercise routine without the right mental view point that’s like saying ‘I’ll start saving money once I’m rich’… you have to feel like you deserve better first.” Adding “…the women who lose the weight and keep it off first have that mental viewpoint of feeling comfortable in their own skin and they know their own personal wellbeing should be their priority in life.” 

For many women the problem they face is not just finding the right information on how to be healthy – it’s being able to maintain healthy changes long term. This is a major reason why 92% fail. Decades of research have proven that the Kaizen Method, when implemented in this specific way, can put you in the 8% of people who achieve their goals. 

The Kaizen Method is based on a philosophy of continuous improvement, which means that instead of making drastic changes all at once, one should make small changes over time in order to achieve their goals. This method has been backed by decades of research, showing that it is one of the most effective ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle when coupled with the right shift to the mental viewpoint.

Within 14 days of Abram’s Kaizen Method Training Program the women undergo training to shift their mental viewpoint so they have the key to unlock long term success. The program also includes a comprehensive Microbiome Reset protocol, 24/7 support chat, personal trainer, unlimited 1:1 support calls, psychological training to prevent self-sabotage, weekly calls with Abram to stay on track, accountability meetings and a support group of women going through a similar journey, ensuring maximum results in minimum time. It also offers a money-back guarantee that clients who follow the program will see their desired results physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

In addition to being backed by decades of research, Abram’s Kaizen Method Training has seen great success among its clients. Women who have followed the program consistently report feeling healthier, energized, less stressed, and more confident in their bodies after only a few weeks.

For those looking for long-term health and fitness success without making drastic changes all at once, check out Abram Anderson’s Kaizen Method Training Program!

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