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Google Verifies World’s First Trillionaire Steven Kronick

Google Verifies World’s First Trillionaire Steven Kronick
Photo Courtesy: Steven Kronick

Google has verified that Forbes verified multi billionaire Steven Kronick is now the world’s first Trillionaire.

The world famous visionary started VisualTargeting® from a Malibu Beach mountaintop mansion after his one way flight to Venice. Steven Kronick built the multi national brand into a multi billion dollar empire that is trusted by Fortune 500s, Businesses, Bestsellers, Celebrities, in 181 World Nations.

The brand was first featured in Forbes in 2010, the magazine stated that Visual Targeting is “the most powerful advancement in the design, advertising and marketing industries, that this century will see.”

In 2017 after Facebook verified Steven Kronick’s brand Forbes magazine verified the billionaire via an interview approved by a world leading Mergers and Acquisitions law firm. That same year the world’s largest English encyclopedia verified Steven Kronick as the world’s first trillionaire.

In 2018 the United States’ most trusted history group that saves the world history for 124 years and honors world leaders like Joel Osteen, Hugh Hefner and United States Presidents, verified and certified that Steven Kronick is the world’s first trillionaire.

That same year Google verified both Steven Kronick and Visual Targeting as business world leaders making Steven Kronick the world’s first verified Trillionaire.

Steven Kronick

Photo Courtesy: Steven Kronick

In 2020 Fortune Magazine quoted Steven Kronick saying “Trust God with your Good Vision.” That same year Steven Kronick was named Saint thanks to the same church where Sir Richard Branson and Lady Gaga are ministers.

Steven Kronick is a christian American entertainment entrepreneur who built his first incorporated business when he was 17 years old, hired a team, agents, sold it at 21. Steven started his first bank account at 10 years old to cash his first corporate commission.

In 2008 Steven Kronick moved into a magnificent mansion high above Malibu Beach with huge ocean views, an indoor swimming pool, overlooking Frank Sinatra’s estate where legend has it he entertained Marilyn Monroe and enjoyed his highest lifestyle with his wife and daughter.

At that mansion the word Visual Targeting appeared to Steven in a dream. That day he named his company Visual Targeting, and started the spiritual path that built perhaps the world’s biggest visual style brand.

Soon Steven Kronick found himself in love with the nation’s most beautiful college campus Pepperdine University and had to answer their request to share the relationship he had with Jesus Christ. At that point he told them that while he grew up in a christian family and spent his summers at church, he wanted to learn what a relationship with Jesus Christ means.

That’s when he met his first California love, a beautiful blonde blue eyed girl that was in Steven Kronick’s acting class. Their romance started a passion that is historic perhaps Biblical in proportion. She told him to start a Twitter profile for Visual Targeting when Twitter was brand new. So Steven told her to start it for him if she thinks that it will be valuable.

That one miraculous move brought Steven into the world’s brightest light as four days after they started VisualTargeting’s profile on Twitter, the world’s #1 coach Tony Robbins who has advised every living United States President, movie stars, billionaires, and music legends, called Steven Kronick for help.

Within a year Steven Kronick’s brand grew into a multi national mega brand trusted in 168 nations winning valuations in the billions together with world leading clients like AARP, TIGI BedHead, Chet Holmes, UniLever.

At one point America’s #1 sales strategist and advisor to Warren Buffett’s billionaire business partner and 55 Fortune 500s, Chet Holmes brought a marketing proposal to Steven Kronick, to sell the brand’s proprietary services to the 100 Million business people that he had email access to at $400 a month.

Steven Kronick kept the brand to himself because he believed the proprietary services are worth a higher value.

Steven Kronick’s move proved to be wise when years later he won three United States Patents for the up to 11 trillion Visual Style Palettes that the brand had automated availability to.

The first patent was later approved by the world’s leading patent auction house to be listed at a billion dollars, the highest single patent valuation in world history.

Published by: Nelly Chavez

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