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Visionary Entrepreneur Ryan Harden Creates Intuitive Ventures That Champion a Holistic and Personalized Fitness Journey

As the founder and CEO perfectly explained, “Anyone who works through Harden Performance is not getting a cookie-cutter plan. It’s very personalized, and it’s tailored to you for your lifestyle. Whether you have kids, whether you work a nine-to-five, or whether you’re an entrepreneur, everything is customized to you. How your lifestyle is set up, and you’re still able to reach your goals.”

The brand utilizes a three-step agenda that ensures maximum success. First off, a meal plan tailored to the client’s goals and dietary preferences is created. Next comes a personalized workout program that considers various factors, such as accessibility to equipment and whether the exercises will be done at home or the gym. Finally, weekly check-ins are done to keep track of any progress as well as any adjustments as necessary. Throughout the entire process, Ryan will be available for the one-on-one sessions and is even reachable online 24/7. 

Aside from the revolutionary Harden Performance, the visionary is also preparing to launch his second company Harden Essentials, a supplement brand. Its first product is an Ashwagandha gummy specially formulated to help consumers relax. “We use Ashwagandha KSM 66, which is a trademark form of the herb. And it has the highest bioavailability of extracts. We’ve also included vitamin D2 and lemon balm for a calming effect,” the certified nutritionist shared. 

When asked to talk about his goal for the upcoming enterprise, the brilliant young man responded, “The mission is really to just bring a supplement that helps people with stress; it’s what Harden Essentials primarily is. But we’re going to end up launching multiple supplements, and they may not be just geared toward stress. So the mission with Harden Essentials is really just to bring high-end supplements to people.”

What allows Ryan Harden to come up with such remarkable ventures is his unrivaled passion for helping people. Not only that, but his extensive experience of more than ten years in the business has helped him develop a profound understanding of fitness. Because of this, all of his projects champion and advocate for a holistic and more mindful approach that enables clients to accomplish more while feeling fulfilled. 

Moving forward, the inspiring entrepreneur intends to continue pursuing his vision and connect with a wider audience looking to elevate their health, wellness, and fitness journey.

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