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Unraveling Hidden Assets in Divorce with Martin Investigative Services

Unraveling Hidden Assets in Divorce with Martin Investigative Services
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Imagine going through the process of a divorce, in a bid to start new beginnings, only to realize that the other party is concealing assets. Unfortunate, yes, but it’s not an uncommon occurrence. Martin Investigative Services, based in California but serving states nationally, can assist you through this ordeal. Under the experienced stare of Thomas G. Martin, former federal agent and highly-decorated ex-BNDD/DEA agent from the US Department of Justice, and a cast of well-trained private investigators, Martin Investigative Services will guide you in uncovering any potentially concealed assets by your estranged spouse.

The concept of asset searches during divorce, though discomforting, is crucial. Not only does it protect your interests, but it also assures you of what you are entitled to in the property settlement. Uncovering hidden assets and funds is not a task for the faint-hearted or untrained eye – it requires expertise, thoroughness, and dedication.

As Thomas G. Martin states, the staff at Martin Investigative Services comprises former law enforcement officials from the FBI, IRS, DEA and can help you get the necessary information. That is why they stand out in the sea of private investigation agencies – their prosecutorial experience coupled with their dedication to the truth ensures that no stone will be left unturned.

So how does a private investigator help with the asset search? An experienced private investigator from Martin Investigative Services will assist in determining whether your ex-spouse is hiding assets and funds. They have accesses to numerous resources including databases, public documents, and surveillance equipment which assist in the discovery of information pertaining to holdings, income, liabilities, and debts.

But you may wonder, how will I know whether my spouse is hiding assets or money? There are red flags that you might observe. For instance, your partner having sole control over financial investments, bank account, and online credentials, or if they operate a secret safe or safe deposit box without your knowledge. Moreover, if you notice large sums of money withdrawn from joint accounts or your spouse is purchasing expensive items without clear explanation, these could be cues of concealed assets.

Another common tactic used to hide assets is underreporting income from self-employment or ‘off the books,’ or even making payments to friends or family who promise to return the funds after the divorce. Rest assured, if these red flags appear, Martin Investigative Services, with their wealth of experience, can dig deeper to expose the truth and protect your rights.

The divorce process should ideally be an open and honest transition. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. When faced with a situation where assets may be hidden, it is essential to protect your own interests. It is in such moments that you require the services of reputable, experienced professionals.

With Martin Investigative Services, you can rest easy knowing they are on your team. Their track record of resolving numerous criminal cases, including unsolved cases and cold cases, is testament enough that they are more than capable of seeing through any concealment of assets and securing what’s rightfully yours.

Don’t let the stress of potential hidden assets mar what already is a delicate situation. With Martin Investigative Services, you’ll have experts on your side, regardless of the state you’re in. Believe in their ethos – their experience will bring to light that which others seek to hide.

For more information about Martin Investigative Services, keep track of their social media activities on Instagram: @martininvestigativeservices, or visit their website. Be assertive in protecting your interest, stand tall through your divorce process – with Martin Investigative Services, hidden assets will no longer be a worry.

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