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Three Reasons You Need Super Virtuals in 2022

With the shift to working online, companies are quickly realizing that local office and support staff are unnecessary. Everyone from entrepreneurs, business owners, real estate agents and even medical practices are utilizing virtual assistants to streamline operations and lower their overhead. This type of outsourcing decreases companies’ operating costs by 78% (99 Firms, 2022).

For those looking to acquire virtual assistants, the problem is finding qualified virtual talent that fits within a company’s needs.

“Most of our clients were curious about virtual assistants but have never worked with virtual assistants because they didn’t know where to start…or they had bad experiences with hiring virtual talent and have given up,” said Bradley Cook, co-founder of Super Virtuals ( “After spending many years with virtual talent running my companies, saving me hundreds of thousands of dollars on operating expenses and payroll, I felt that I could help other business owners and nonprofits in the same way…and avoid the mistakes that I made.”

“At this point, we’ve helped dozens of businesses bring on virtual talent through our exclusive system which helps our clients avoid the pitfalls of the gig economy,” remarks Andrew David, co-founder of Super Virtuals.

There are 3 reasons you need a virtual assistant:

1) You’re feeling overwhelmed. Don’t stress, there are hundreds of specialized people ready to offer the support you need.

2) You’re struggling to find local talent. Tap into a global pool of remote talent in core sectors such as sales, marketing, customer support and many others.

3) You want to grow your business. Outsourcing drastically impacts your bottom line for the better and enables agility and flexibility to expand into new regions, or rapidly test new ideas.

Brandon, a Denver based Entrepreneur, came to Super Virtuals unsure how to bring top talent into his real estate team. “After struggling to hire domestically, I had almost given up on the idea of growing my business. My mindset has shifted completely since I found Super Virtuals. I can only say thank you for the flood of business I’ve been able to generate with your help!”If you are ready to get the help you need, visit to learn more.

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