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Panera Booth to PR Heavyweight: The Journey of Aaron Knipp and Cicospace

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A Bold Leap into Entrepreneurship

In 2021, Aaron Knipp, a partner at a successful wealth management firm, decided it was time for a change. At 28 years old, he left his established career, setting up camp in a booth at his local Panera Bakery. His vision was to revolutionize how keynote speakers enhance their digital presence. Two years later, in 2023, his company Cicospace has done just that, commanding a valuation nearing seven figures and proudly serving some of the most respected keynote speakers in the nation.

Blending PR Strategies for Success

Cicospace is recognized in the PR landscape for its unique blend of traditional PR methods and modern digital marketing strategies. They’ve reinvented how keynote speakers maintain their online presence, controlling their narrative through strategic media placements, insightful social media campaigns, and effective SEO work. The result is a bespoke service, allowing clients to stand out in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

From Wealth Management Partner to Entrepreneur

Aaron’s journey wasn’t your typical corporate-to-entrepreneurship transition. After leaving his high-level role, he made clever use of his resources, renting out his house and car to financially fuel his nascent venture. But the secret ingredient to Cicospace’s success wasn’t solely the financial acumen of its founder—it was a blend of resilience, ambition, and countless refills at Panera Bakery.

Panera: The Birthplace of a PR Powerhouse

“The birth of Cicospace, right there in the comfort of a Panera booth, was both a challenging and exhilarating chapter of my life,” Knipp shares. “Those early days instilled the core values of our company: creativity, resourcefulness, and the relentless pursuit of success.”

An Esteemed Entity in the PR Landscape

Today, Cicospace represents a roster of the most renowned keynote speakers in the country. And Panera Bakery’s role in this journey? Irreplaceable, according to Knipp. To him, Panera was more than a coffee shop—it was his first office, a startup incubator, and a wellspring of inspiration and determination. This speaks volumes about how revolutionary ideas can spring from the most ordinary places.

The Power of an Entrepreneurial Dream

Aaron’s story serves as an affirmation that extraordinary things can unfold over a cup of coffee at Panera Bakery. His journey reminds us that game-changing ideas don’t always originate from high-rise offices or extravagant boardrooms. Sometimes, a comfortable booth, an encouraging environment, and an entrepreneurial dream is all you need.

Join the Journey with Cicospace

For those aspiring to make their own mark, Aaron Knipp’s journey serves as an inspiring testament to what can be achieved when a bold vision meets unyielding determination. Cicospace now plays a pivotal role in shaping the narratives of top-tier keynote speakers, merging traditional PR techniques with innovative digital strategies to keep their clients at the forefront.

Interested in learning more about Aaron, Cicospace, and their groundbreaking work in the PR world? Visit their website or reach out directly. Who knows, your story could be the next one they help to shape. Remember, in the realm of PR and personal branding, every story has the potential to inspire and captivate.

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