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From Passion to Profession: The Inspiring Story of Brow Artist Lauren Cruz

The Inspiring Story of Brow Artist Lauren Cruz
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By: Hannah Scott

Few features hold as much transformative power as eyebrows when it comes to facial aesthetics. The shape, the arch, the definition—they frame the face, accentuate expressions, and can even convey a sense of personality. It’s no wonder that eyebrow aesthetics have become a focal point in the beauty industry, with trends evolving and techniques advancing to create stunning looks that enhance natural beauty.

In this dynamic landscape, brow artists are the lead characters. These professionals have the unique talent to study their clients’ facial features, ascertain their personalities, understand their preferences, and craft the perfect eyebrows for them.

That said, not all brow artists have the same ambition. For some, just the artistic aspect of it is very fulfilling. But for others, it’s a profession that branches into the entrepreneurial realm.

One such brow artist is Lauren Cruz, and she’s in the spotlight today.

With over a decade of experience in the beauty industry, Lauren has not only honed her skills in waxing and eyebrow styling but has also emerged as a successful entrepreneur in the field, pushing boundaries and redefining standards.

Lauren’s journey to becoming a prominent figure in the beauty world is as inspiring as it is relatable. As a young mother of three, she embarked on a path driven by a dual purpose: to provide a better life for her children and pursue her passion for skincare and beauty.

I became a mom at 18, and I’m now a mom of 3. Being a young mom, I had to hustle early, motivated to give my kids what I didn’t have in life. I didn’t want to be another statistic as a young mom,” Lauren recalls.

This drive and determination propelled her through the early years of her career, shaping her into the entrepreneur and esthetician she is today.

Armed with a high school diploma and a cosmetology license, Lauren initially ventured into the world of hair styling, only to discover that her true calling lay in skincare. It was during her time working at a body waxing chain that she found her niche, developing a deep love for waxing and eyebrow styling. However, with time, she started feeling stuck at the chain.

Striving to break free from routine, coupled with her innate entrepreneurial spirit, led her to take a leap of faith and open her own medical spa. 

The road to success was not without its challenges. Juggling the responsibilities of motherhood, business ownership, and personal growth was no easy feat. But Lauren’s resilience saw her through.

Her experience working in a chain environment also provided her with valuable insights into management, inspiring her to be the kind of leader she wished she had when she was starting out—supportive, motivating, and appreciative.

I learned a lot about managing from working in a chain environment. I had great managers that were both motivating and appreciative. Going from employee to manager also helps me give my staff the things I would have appreciated,” Lauren says.

Today, Lauren is the proud owner of a thriving medical spa, The Body Department, where she has garnered a reputation for excellence in eyebrow styling and waxing. Her dedication to her craft and her clients has earned her accolades, including the prestigious title of Waxer of the Year in 2020.

But Lauren’s ambitions don’t stop there. Driven by a desire to innovate and inspire, she recently launched her own line of eyebrow products, Lauren Cruz Brows. “I wanted to create products that were sexy in appearance, innovative in use and ingredients, captivating to clients,” Lauren points out.

Drawing inspiration from the brands she used with an idea to make them even better, Lauren developed her products with exceptional attention to natural eyebrow colors and textures, longevity, water-proofing, and aesthetics.

In addition to her product line, Lauren is also committed to nurturing the next generation of brow artists. At Lauren Cruz Training Studio, she offers comprehensive training courses, both virtual and hands-on, sharing her expertise and insights with aspiring professionals.

In the end, Lauren Cruz’s journey embodies passion, perseverance, and a relentless pursuit of one’s dreams. From a young mother with a vision to a successful entrepreneur and beauty maven, Lauren’s story is a source of inspiration for anyone striving to turn their dreams into reality.


Published By: Aize Perez

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