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The Hartly Creates the Perfect Solution for People Looking to Get Back into the Nightlife Scene

The nightlife industry is one of the most lucrative businesses in the market as it allows people to socialize and relax after a long day at work. But when the global pandemic arrived, many establishments were forced to close up. However, a year into the pandemic, vaccines have provided a solution that allowed cities to loosen their restrictions. So, in Toronto, entrepreneurs Reza Abedi, Josh Herman, and Sam Reznick, decided to pioneer the nightlife scene with the opening of their latest venture, The Hartly.

Chef Daniel Ken is one of The Hartly’s highlights and crowd attractions. A chef who hosts an illustrious resume having worked in Brazil, Canada, and Japan, Daniel Ken spent a big part of his career in the latter, enhancing his skills in Japanese cuisine. He would also lend his culinary skills to establishments like Vila Pariko, Fish, Koi, Nira Sushi, and Kame Kami. In addition, Daniel Ken’s experience has led him to creating Japanese and Latin fusions, a highlight at The Hartly.

Despite his excessive skills in the fusions, Chef Daniel Ken also brings a wide array of specialties that include eccentric cocktails, oysters, avocado truffle, salmon tartare, baked crab, prime beef tataki, short ribs, Momotaro Rigatoni, and Branzino, among many others, creating a symphony of tastes to customers.

Although they have the property to themselves, the management of The Hartly has only opened the downstairs area so far, which features a restaurant and lounge that gives newcomers a bit of The Great Gatsby vibe meets Chicago. They also built a stage, changed fixtures, and added a 25-person communal table that doubles as a runway for entertainment, giving customers a variety of theatre and burlesque shows. “We’ve redesigned the whole space with a new footprint and functionality,” said Josh Herman.

With one of the most skillful chefs at the helm, a relaxing ambiance, and a gateway to new experiences, The Hartly is bound to be one of the biggest clubs in the nightlife scene in Toronto. By combining a high-quality dining experience and inviting atmosphere, the venue is apt to be a destination for couples, business executives, groups of friends, and even people looking to make up for the lost time and make new connections.

With the pandemic restrictions loosening their grip, businesses have slowly returned to pick up where they left off, giving the management an optimistic and enthusiastic outlook on the future of The Hartly as the go-to venue for relaxation, a good time with friends, and exceptional food. Additionally, they foresee the brand expanding to other locations throughout Toronto and even beyond the state.

Learn more about The Hartley by visiting its official website. You can also reach out to them through Facebook and Instagram.

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