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Tek Enterprise: Addressing Ongoing Marketing Challenges with Expert Fractional CMO Services

Photo Courtesy: Lucas Mendicelli
Photo Courtesy: Lucas Mendicelli

Tackling High Turnover and Rapid Technology Evolution

Tek Enterprise is revolutionizing the way businesses handle their marketing needs by providing expert Fractional CMO services. High turnover rates in marketing staff and the rapid evolution of technology present significant challenges for companies. Tek Enterprise steps in to alleviate these pain points by offering seasoned marketing leadership without the full-time commitment. Our Fractional CMO services enable businesses to move projects faster and more cost-effectively, leveraging top-tier marketing acumen tailored to specific needs.

CEO Zach Jalbert’s Vision: Solving Marketing Challenges with Expertise

Tek Enterprise was founded by Zachery Jalbert, a marketing and sales technology expert with over a decade website auditing and MarCom procurement. Tek Enterprise addresses the complex landscape of modern marketing in unique ways to empower businesses with resilient strategies and frameworks. Through a blend of education, analysis, and action, we empower businesses and professionals to overcome challenges and achieve success. Their approach ensures that companies remain competitive, resilient and effective in an ever-changing digital environment.

Navigating MarTech Landscape and Technology Procurement Challenges with Tek Enterprise

Marketing leaders, especially CMOs, are under immense pressure to stay ahead of technological advancements. Recent reports indicate that CMOs spend, on average, 8-to-1 on software and technology costs compared to CIOs and IT departments. This statistic underscores the growing importance of sophisticated marketing technologies and the need for expert guidance in their procurement and implementation.

Meet with Tek Enterprise & Hire a Fractional CMO Today

By blending sales, technology, education, and analysis to create proven strategies and intuitive approaches to unique online experiences, Tek Enterprise is looking to propel businesses into the future of customer experience, ecommerce, and branded digital experiences. As the world of technology becomes increasingly complex, dedicated experts are ready to lead organizations into the future of marketing and online sales by creating experiences that are truly unique.

Tek Enterprise is located just outside of St. Louis in Chesterfield, MO.

Visit us at:

Tek Enterprise
15510 Olive Blvd. Suite 214
Chesterfield, MO 63017

For more information, visit our website and learn more how our Fractional CMO Agency can assist you and your team today.

Published by: Nelly Chavez

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