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Tech Entrepreneur Sarad Dhungel Develops Mobile App StretchYo to Help People Towards Their Goal by Building Healthy Habits

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Hailing from Nepal, the country of Mount Everest and a bubbling tech industry specializing in web and mobile apps development, tech entrepreneur and Computer Engineer Sarad Dhungel has always been passionate about technology. At 19, the budding innovator migrated to the USA for tertiary education. In 2015, he participated in the famed Intel-Cornell cup competition, an engineering competition using technology to help solve world problems while representing his university. 

At the Intel-Cornell Cup, Sarad Dhungel and his team from Howard University earned recognition for developing SLaTE8. This innovative technology project would help the hearing-impaired community bridge the communication gap and communicate conveniently with everyone by translating American Sign Language (ASL) into text or voice. Sharing the drive behind the project’s development, Sarad said, “I could envision the development of humans and society through technology.”

Fueled by his passion for helping others, Sarad developed the personal development app StretchYo to help people become more active, step out of their comfort zone and create healthier habits and lifestyles. Unlike many personal development apps that only help you track your habit but do not challenge you to do more, the StretchYo app takes it a step further by helping you go the extra mile, gently encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone and work towards your goal by starting small, challenge yourself and invite friends to join in on a personal development by journey. 


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On top of its unique features, the app also allows users to invite friends and connect with others on the platform to form accountability groups or partnerships and encourage each other by messaging each other via the app, set goals with like-minded individuals and achieve milestones by undertaking a personal development challenge together. 

The app launched in late December 2022 and went through a lot of UI improvements already. The StretchYo app is a game-changer for anyone who wants to implement new habits in a fun and interactive way. Sharing the inspiration behind his creation, the Nepal native shared that he went through a rough patch with unemployment and his father battling cancer. 

However, after his father passed, he had a moment of clarity and resolved to transform his life. “I think if we have something we want to try, instead of waiting for the right time, it’s better to start now and connect moving forward because I spent years tingling about this idea and only realized it was time when life hit me hard,” he insightfully shared. “If there is something you want to do, find a way and take a step forward, and things will happen for you. Don’t wait for the right time. Create the time to make it right,” he added. 

At first, he tried to do it independently but soon found it was easier said than done. “It was hard to create habits like reading, going to the gym, and focusing,” he shared. Not one to give up at the first sign of failure, Sarad turned to apps to make the process seamless. However, he soon realized that these apps could be improved to help people be more productive and have comfortable lives. So he started brainstorming, and after a year and a half of intense research, designing and working together with others, he developed his brainchild, “StretchYo,” an innovative app changing the game in the personal development space. 

With the StretchYo app in your pocket, changing habits has never been easier or more fun. StretchYo incorporates all features, like a to-do list, reminders, challenges, and Pomodoro, to help you be more productive, focus on your goals, and implement hobbies in the most straightforward ways possible.

On a mission to become the top choice for users in the personal development space, Sarad and his dedicated team is constantly working to enhance the user experience and add new features to the app in the coming years. One such feature is Breathing and Meditation to help its user unwind and relax. They understand that technology is evolving at an unprecedented pace and that they need to be innovative to remain relevant. As a result, the team is always exploring new ways to use emerging technologies to enhance the user experience and offer new features and benefits. Moreover, with the StretchYo app, Sarad Dhungel aims to inspire everyone to get started on their goal by taking a small step forward instead of waiting for the right time. 

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