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Stephanie Tourtellotte Inspires and Promotes Transparency in the Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry has always been regarded as one of the most daunting and competitive industries. Many agents have attempted to keep a steady long term foothold across this highly competitive trade only to lose sight of the potential future success after facing the severe market changes. However, despite these difficult challenges, a significant number of Sales Agents have managed to break barriers and go beyond. They continue to prove that success is within reach amid adversities. As one who has transcended limitations and exceeded expectations, Stephanie Tourtellotte sets out to inspire future agents by demonstrating her potential to dominate the industry  through her brilliance, skills, and finesse.

Since Stephanie Tourtellotte began her career in the real estate arena, she has been fixated on one goal: to become a changemaker in an inherently competitive industry. Her purpose-driven personality has been passionate about her craft, leading her to become a must-watched force across this field. By taking the reins of Sterner Homes, this power player is bound to take the industry by storm.

Hailing from Orange County, California, this 23-year year veteran powerhouse emerges as one of the most sought-after real estate personalities across the southern part of the state. Stephanie Tourtellotte has been widely recognized for her unique and all-out creative approach to Real Estate Listings with ensuring that the clients needs are met with tailored solutions. Anyone looking to buy or sell properties may find comfort in Stephanie’s tireless quest for these unique solutions and her ability to prioritize the needs of all of her clients first before anything else.

Stephanie Tourtellotte leverages her 23 years of real estate and mortgage experience along with technical know-how to deliver success and exceed her client’s expectations. While others find ways to make more money, this power player finds the best terms and conditions for each client and promotes transparency in every transaction. The Sterner Homes motto is to provide “Service you Deserve from People You Trust. 

“For our sellers who list their properties with Sterner Homes, we pre-qualify all potential  buyers in order for sellers to be fully informed efficiently when selecting and negotiating offers. For our buyers, on the other hand, we make sure that they trust us through our sellers, reflecting the transparency that we are trying to achieve throughout the transaction,” shared Stephanie.

At the core of Stephanie Tourtellotte’s successes lies the desire to inspire newly licensed and seasoned sales agents to remain consistent and thrive no matter how difficult the turns in the market may seem. She reveals that real estate can be a competitive arena; thus, she wants to show those who aspire to enter his industry that it is still possible to enter and do exceedingly well even when the market is in a slowdown. “Never lose sight of that vision that you’re here to help others achieve their home ownership dreams and reach their investment goals,” shared Stephanie.

By continuing to keep sight of what really matters (The Clients), Stephanie Tourtellotte serves as a stellar example for real estate professionals through her exemplary service to her clients, working with other agents and to her team at Sterner Homes.

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