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Sharon “Champagne” Terry: From the Runway to Entrepreneurship Success

Being a shining light is not measured by the amount of success an individual has achieved overtime in their lifetime; instead, shining light is someone or a group of people who have made not only their mark in their industry or industries but also someone who has decided to be there for other people who are looking to make any headway in their chosen industry. For example, Sharon Terry, popularly known as Champagne, is a shining light because she is not successful in her endeavors as a model, actress, screenwriter; she is also inspiring others to excel in what they do. 

Champagne was born and raised in Rochester, NY. She is a renaissance woman of sorts: an author, screenwriter, actress, motivational speaker, executive producer, entrepreneur and model. From there on, her journey began! According to her, after years of working for brands and companies across industries, she had a “light bulb” moment during which she realized that she is not just a model who helps others advertise or project their brands and stories; but she herself is a brand.

Her filmography and acting credits range from TV series, short films, and adaptations as an actress. Her recent works as an actress include starring as Vanessa in an Unc Trent Comedy titled “I’ll Drink to That,” she has also featured in the film “Living the Dream” and “In Between Jobs,” a comedy series. She took it a step further by venturing into screenwriting and since then she has written an urban fiction series titled “The Goddess of Lust, Love & Infatuation Part 1”, “Blissful Lust Part 2.” She is the author of anthologies “Dark Memories” and “Crossover.”

Champagne, in recognition of the work, has been nominated as “Author of The Year” in “Rocawards,” “Top Female Author of 2019,” and the “Author Academy Awards.” She is also a published print and runway model through Hass Entertainment. In addition, she has graced the stages of several high-profile fashion shows that include “The Night of Elegance” and “The Summit” in New York City during the world-renowned Fashion Week.

Champagne has to her credits prominent radio interviews on the following shows, The Beautiful Butterfly Radio Program, Vibration Radio, The Beautiful Butterfly Radio Program, Vibration Radio, The Beautiful Butterfly Radio Program, Vibration Radio, among several others. She has also featured alongside famous media personalities such as Seleah Simone and Nikki Rich.

She is the owner and founder of Champagne Books LLC. A publishing company through which she has written and created a TV Pilot titled “The Goddess,” which will air in the fall on MJOWN Network on Roku. She also provides screenwriter classes for people who may want to learn the art of screenwriting, especially amongst her target demographic of people (male and female) aged between 26-45 years. 

Reacting to the question of where she sees herself five years from now, Champagne said, considering the level of success so far, “In five years I see myself at the top of the film industry and being creative in every aspect of my life.”

Connect with the amazing woman known as Champagne to keep up with her updates, works and future projects by following her on Instagram or visit her website.

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