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Serial Entrepreneur Kimberly Cloud on Establishing Her Brand, Writing Her Book, and Hosting Her Show

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The art of translating visions into reality is a process that requires grit, determination, and confidence. More than having the necessary set of skills and experience, pursuing a goal calls for having the right mindset and proper approach. At the end of the day, it all boils down to how passionate one is about a particular dream or aspiration. For this reason, Kimberly Cloud, a serial entrepreneur and go-getter, addressed herself to the challenge of creating a platform that would inspire and empower aspirants and dreamers from all walks of life. Today, she stands as the brilliant visionary behind The Kimberly Cloud Show. 

With her show, Kimberly Cloud has interviewed TEDx Talk speakers, struggling entrepreneurs, and other inspirational personalities and professionals. The Kimberly Cloud Show gives these individuals a platform where they can talk about their past, present, and future life events. 

On a mission to facilitate success for others, Kimberly Cloud created a program that teaches valuable lessons revolving around dreaming big and reaching for the sky. She is currently the esteemed founder of three businesses, namely, Wigs for Sucess Inc., Blue Cloud Cleaning LLC, and Genuinely Michelle Wigs LLC. As an emerging industry leader, she wants to share her success with the world and serve as a reliable source of inspiration to those who wish to do the same.

Aside from being an entrepreneurial figure, Kimberly Cloud is also a published author. Her book, Life Of An Cloud: A Short Story You Will Remember, is a remarkable work of art that focuses on her story and how it feels growing up in the projects. Throughout her written piece, Kimberly shares the highs and lows of her life, enabling the readers to step into her shoes and see the world from a different perspective—the perspective of a person witnessing mental abuse.

According to Kimberly Cloud, her book is proof that anything is possible for those who never give up. She has shown that being able to rise above adversities will transform anyone into the best version of themselves. As a matter of fact, it was because of the trials and difficulties she encountered in the past that she was able to develop the skills and mindset necessary for her to conquer her endeavors. Thus, she reminds aspirants and dreamers to be fearless in the face of trials and to be relentless with their pursuits. 

In an interview, Kimberly Cloud talked about the things that motivated her to establish her brand and write her book. She went on to shed light on her vision, and how it molded her into the luminary she is today.

“I wanted to help and show people that anything could be done with time, persistence, and courage,” she revealed. “You can complete tasks very carefully by making sure each small task is completed first and then move on to the big tasks thereafter.” 

One of the significant milestones that Kimberly Cloud has reached is attending the Hometown Heroes Banner Program, where she got to see the mayor and receive her recognition award.

“It’s an amazing journey, and I am down for the cause,” she shared. 

With her international ambassador program, Kimberly Cloud intends to hold another worldwide event this coming 30th of May. As an ambassador at Alan Hancock College, she is also in the process of being in the SubSummit Ambassador Program. With no plans of slowing down anytime soon, she continues to create significant waves in the community, inspiring go-getters just like herself.

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