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Rising Artist Joseph Harmony Launches New Music Video for “Bad Man”

Music is truly one of the most powerful tools for self-expression. For Joseph Harmony, music is his platform not only to let his voice be heard but also for speaking up for others who do not have the courage to speak for themselves. Joseph Harmony creates tracks for those who feel like they don’t belong and welcomes them into a community that will accept and embrace who they are. Aiming to inspire his audience further, he released the music video for his single “Bad Man.”

Born Joseph Chibuzor Chima, Joseph Harmony is the creative mind behind the highly successful EP called For 4, which charts the life of an outcast and a misfit who finally found his place in the world, along with wealth and love. The artist of Nigerian-American descent aims to use his talent to uplift lives, and he has successfully done so through For 4. The EP was produced with a full lo-fi selection of songs, and it marks the artist’s most significant achievement to date.

Following the success of his new EP For 4, he quickly followed through with the music video for one of the singles in the EP Bad Man. The music video is quickly gaining traction in the music community, garnering close to 4,000 views on YouTube. Fans are also pointing out his creativity and versatility as an artist, which shows through how he carried himself in front of the camera to portray his message.

Joseph Harmony is an independent artist signed to his own record label, TOF Entertainments, which provides him with all the freedom he needs to convey the messages he is trying to tell the world. The artist has always envisioned his music to touch souls and comfort those who have been persecuted for not fitting into a certain stereotype. By creating songs like “Bad Man,” he is opening conversations and is bringing a new perspective to listeners and viewers, giving them access to his personal tales of hustles and relationships.

Joseph Harmony is best known for combining a vintage sound with modern techniques. As a trained artist in classic opera and afrobeat, he merges the traditional with modern breakthroughs to bring something memorable for everyone. His transition from opera-influenced pop to the afrobeat genre was smooth because it was fueled by his desire to reach more audiences and let them feel heard and understood through his music. 

Asked what inspired him to pursue music, he shared that he has always envisioned creating something that will stand the test of time and will live on for generations to come. “I have always wanted to build something bigger than myself, most especially in the music industry and to inspire others to do the same,” he said. 

In five years, Joseph Harmony aims to grow musically and make more records. As an entrepreneur, he wants to sign more artists under TOF Entertainment to continually provide a platform for upcoming artists in the industry. 

On top of “Bad Man,” he is also cementing his name in the music industry with his other songs, such as “Money,” “Angelina,” and “Bella.”Check out “Bad Man” on YouTube. Learn more about Joseph Harmony on his website.

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