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Revolutionizing Gaming: DEW’s Scholarship Systems Allow Anyone to Get Higher Rewards while Customizing Your Gaming Experience

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DEW, or Domino Earning World, is a skill game that allows players to compete in various modes and win real-world monetary rewards. One of the unique features of DEW is the ability for players to rent customized avatars to other players and receive a share of the rewards earned by the player who rents it. This creates an opportunity for anyone to earn significant profits, regardless of their skill level in the game. To ensure flexibility and adaptability to the needs and preferences of players and avatar owners, DEW offers Scholarship Systems.

DEW’s Scholarship Systems offer four different ways for players to rent avatars without having to purchase one themselves, each with its own unique features and benefits.

The first Scholarship System, Fixed Rent, allows avatar owners to post their avatars for rent at a fixed price and for a set period. Once the owner has accepted the agreement and the avatar is inside the escrow wallet, the system automatically includes the avatar in the rental period. During this time, the avatar cannot be recovered by the owner. The person who rents the avatar can see the percentages (%) in the clothing to determine if the avatar meets their needs.

The second Scholarship System, Rewards Division, is designed to simplify and automate the rental process for avatar owners. Owners can rent their avatars for rewards by creating an agreement in the Domino Earning World control panel, setting the percentage of profit they wish to provide to the scholar, and pressing “Rent.” The avatar is then placed in the open “Rent Marketplace” for anyone to accept. Once the grantee has accepted the agreement, the manager can take back the avatar at any time.

The third Scholarship System, Screening of Owners, allows avatar owners to select from a list of scholarship holders that apply to rent their avatar. Applicants may place conditions such as the % of rewards and the % of the avatar. If selected, a negotiation window opens between the owner and the applicant to reach an agreement on percentages, days, and liquidity. The owner has the option to modify them, and in case of dissatisfaction with the performance of the grantee, the owner may withdraw the avatar, breaking the already agreed term.

The fourth Scholarship System, Direct Rental, is specifically designed for guilds. This system allows a manager to create a lease and send it directly to the grantee for acceptance. A renter can change their percentage (%) share of rewards through the rental system. No one else besides the grantee to whom it was sent can accept the scholarship. The rental escrow systems described above apply to this rental method and will significantly simplify guild management, reducing the overall workload.

DEW’s Scholarship Systems guarantee a risk-free return for avatar owners and incentivize hard-working scholars. The four scholarship systems adapt to the needs and preferences of players and avatar owners, reducing the workload for avatar owners and making scholarship management easy and straightforward. DEW offers players the opportunity to earn additional income while enjoying their free time, as well as establish business relationships with other players and grow their network of contacts. With DEW, players don’t need to be Domino experts to win money. More skilled players can earn higher rewards, but even beginners have the opportunity to earn significant profits without risking any money.

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