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Real Life Trading Empowers Investors with Mentorships

Anyone can make a fortune by investing in the stock market. But not everyone does. The journey from first trade to financial freedom is filled with tricky turns and false promises. To walk it successfully, especially for those who are new to the journey, it is best to hire a guide.

Real Life Trading, a trading education platform, provides new traders with the insight necessary to profitably, consistently, and safely trade on the stock market. And key to its strategy for empowering investors is providing experienced mentors to join them on the journey.

Stock market investing for beginners

Real Life Trading believes that anyone can be successful trading in the stock market provided they have the right guide. Through the educational opportunities offered via its website, Real Life Trading gives people who are intimidated or mystified by the stock market an opportunity to get in and be successful.

“We are absolutely and actually making a dent in the financial education system and space,” says Jerremy Newsome, Real Life Trading’s CEO. “We are helping individuals, real people, normal people from all over the world understand more about the stock market and they are becoming profitable.”

Real Life Trading offers a series of free self-study courses that allow reluctant investors to learn the basics of investing, including calculating risk and knowing when to buy and sell. While the courses guide participants through intermediate and advanced trading practices, RLT says even a comprehensive understanding of the market is not enough to ensure success.

“We have traders who are consistently making money every single month in the stock market,” says Newsome. “And one of the number one reasons why is mentoring. I did it. The most successful traders in the world did it.”

Community is essential for successful investing

Newsome and the other traders who make up the Real Life Trading team can tell you everything you need to know about being a successful trader. But they will also tell you that knowing everything is not enough.

“One of the number one marks of a successful trader, someone who is actually making money every single month, is a community,” says Newsome. “Traders need someone to share stories with; someone who can hold them accountable to their plan; someone who can motivate them and give them courage, ideas, thoughts, tips, and tricks. They need someone who can put them right back on the path to success if they are faltering.”

Real Life Tradings mentor groups connect traders with a maximum of five other traders for eight weekly interactive sessions led by a coach. The groups don’t replace the education provided by Real Life Trading’s online courses; rather, they accelerate it.

Mentor groups allow members to bring their own experiences and challenges into a community where they can find guidance from those who are experiencing success or who have learned from past failures. They provide a safe place where members can be transparent about their progress and receive guidance and encouragement. Mentor groups allow participants to connect textbook learning to real-life scenarios. 

Real Life Trading’s mentor groups provide insight and guidance for those who are looking to move their trading from a hobby to a business, to develop and stick to a written trading plan, and to shift their focus and energy from trading outcomes to the trading process.

According to Newsome, mentor groups are the place where investors can “elevate their trading to another level of consciousness, awareness, and greatness.”

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