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R. Parthiban’s Latest Film, Iravin Nizhal, Earmarks a New Era in the Indian Film Industry

From the black & white and silent era to modern-day high-tech films, the film and television industry has witnessed massive advancements and evolution over centuries. Today, movies are much more advanced, with complex technologies breaking new ground in the cinematic world. This time, the evolving landscape is marking yet another milestone with the revolutionary body of art, Iravin Nizhal, the world’s first non-linear single-shot film. 

Filmed in 59 settings spanning over 50 years of time periods, with over 300 actors and 150 technicians working round the clock through several costumes and makeup changes, Iravin Nizhal is a one-of-its-kind cinematic feat, a testament to the unique artistry of the Indian filmmaking industry. The cast and crew took the groundbreaking project in a single shot with no cuts or edits after 90 days of intensive choreography and rehearsals. 

The single-shot film follows the events of the life of Nandhu, a financier, as he journeys through the struggles of his internal guilt while searching for his mortal rival in non-linear storytelling for the audience to connect the dots and relish the plot. The film’s production was indeed a highly ambitious undertaking. Despite the 90 days of meticulous rehearsals, the team encountered numerous obstacles during the shoot. Still, with improvisation and creativity in their arsenal, the brilliant team overcame the hurdles and created the innovative non-linear single-shot film, which is the first of its kind in the film industry. 

Setting the pace for innovation in the Indian film industry and the global entertainment space, Iravin Nizhal is the passion project of three-time winner of the prestigious Indian National Film, actor, producer and director Radhakrishnan Parthiban. R. Parthiban spearheaded the masterpiece with his brilliant scriptwriting and storytelling, conceptualizing his vision while also playing the protagonist in the film. With appearances in over 72 films, directing 15 and producing 12, the iconic creator has cemented his reputation as a top innovator in the industry. 

Additionally, Academy Award winner AR Rahman renowned for his work in the film Slumdog Millionaire, created the music and background score for the project. Sound expert and Academy Award winner in the “Best Sound Mixing” category Craig Mann also served as the film’s Supervising Sound Designer. On top of that, the film’s VFX supervisor is Cottalango Leon, an Indian-American computer graphics technician who also won a joint Academy Award for scientific and technical achievement in 2016.

Taking giant strides in the film scene, R. Parthiban continues to find new ways to innovate and elevate the Indian film industry. His culturally-rooted themes have catapulted him to the top of the Tamil film industry for nearly four decades. He is now on a mission to highlight the artistry of the Indian film scene and push boundaries through the cinematic storytelling of Iravin Nizhal. As a result, the brilliant body of art qualifies as one of the few films officially submitted to the 2022 Academy Awards as a general entry into the Oscars. In the meantime, viewers can chill back and enjoy the cinematic masterpiece by streaming on Prime Video.

Aside from Iravin Nizhal, R. Parthiban’s other groundbreaking work includes Single Slipper Size 7, the world’s first single-actor film written, directed and produced by the actor himself, proving to be a complete one-person show.

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