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Phenom: Giving Value in Guiding People to Achieve Their Goals

Getting things done has always been a challenge for creatives, especially among artists who bask in so many ideas every day. It gets even more challenging for content creators, as diverse and fascinating ideas exist throughout the digital world. But only some have access to resources that would help them navigate through their intricate mind. Now, the challenge is not only knowing what to create and put out to the world but in having the motivation to get things started. After all, taking action on what needs to be done is a must.

Phillip, most popularly known as “Phenom,” a certified life coach, artist, and public speaker, provides these resources that contain high-value information which would act as a roadmap to take the first and succeeding steps in becoming more productive. On top of it all, he makes sure to get to the root of what’s making a person stagnant, thereby acknowledging it and catching it when it happens.

At such a young age, Phenom started his professional career in the world of television. He was only 14 years old then, and fast forward to 10 years later, he became an ESPN+ Producer and a camera operator for the ACC Network. As a creative himself, he saw and experienced one of the common problems in the field: the need to guide people and open up ways for them to venture into new concepts or rise to new heights. Having experienced this firsthand, he believes that the challenge can easily be managed with a push in the right direction.

While this is something he has always wanted to do, it only started when he became a coach. Because of his extensive experience in the field, as well as his excellent track record that proves his prowess, he consistently received positive feedback from his audience. Little did he know, he was already starting to make a difference in other people’s lives. Afterward, people naturally turn to him for help in managing and guiding them in achieving higher-value tasks in a less stressful way.

With his impact on these individuals, he knew he wanted to start his own brand. He then built an efficient system and focused on getting people back on track from external distractions that limit them from their full potential. Instead of using the popular and standard S.MA.R.T. method, which is more relevant in a business setting, his system caters to the needs of a creative.

Phenom’s own system takes the client through a four-step process that aims to realize goals efficiently and effectively. The first step is to bring clarity and determine what goal the client wants to pursue in his life or career. After establishing the base, the next step is to set the outline to achieve the desired outcome. The last two steps, the execution and accountability stage, will be the final strike to hit a home run in their careers. This system stems from his epiphany that everything he has accomplished was not a stroke of luck but a product of his carefully executed process.

As his brand continues to grow and reach more people, Phenom is looking forward to being of service in helping people. His passion and drive to impart his knowledge will be the wheels to giving value to his listeners and clients.


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