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People are the Most Important Part of an Organization. How to Hire the Best Talent.

People are the Most Important Part of an Organization. How to Hire the Best Talent
Photo Credit: Eric Bai - Yerbol Baimencheyev

Recruiting has always been difficult, and with more jobs than people, we are reshaping the traditional way of recruiting from inbound to outbound recruiting to address the common challenges of talent acquisition professionals.

The pandemic, followed by economic circumstances such as the Great Resignation, talent shortages, and so on, shook the business world to its core. In the previous year, the labor market’s demand and supply forces were out of balance, making the job of a recruiter more complicated and difficult. While the world slowly recovers from the effects of the global pandemic, the jobs of recruiters play an important role in restoring the labor force during this recovery. 

Previously, recruiters used to rely solely on inbound recruiting by posting job ads, sorting through applications, and having a large pool of candidates to choose from.

But times have changed. Recruiters are now confronted with numerous challenges. Candidates drop out during the recruiting process, and recruiters are frequently confronted with no qualified candidate applications. With these inbound recruitment roadblocks, we see the potential and positive effects of outbound recruiting to bring more people to jobs. 

What exactly is outbound recruiting? – It is a proactive strategy in which recruiters actively seek and contact candidates for new positions.

TabPro is a fast-growing management consulting company focused on talent acquisition, headhunting, and employer branding, headquartered in New York City. Eric Bai – Yerbol Baimencheyev, Founder and CEO at TabPro shared that they invest over $10,000 in recruitment software tools every year. With those tools, they are willing to source candidates and find their resumes, contact information such as email addresses, phone numbers, and social media accounts, manage email marketing campaigns and keep warm their email IP for better deliverability. 

Eric Bai – Yerbol Baimencheyev, entrepreneur, consultant, and experienced headhunter, says: Instead of wasting time waiting for qualified candidates to apply for your positions, you need to reach out to them. However, before messaging people, it’s crucial to understand who is your ideal candidate, their location, their skills, experience, interests, background, etc. Once you found their resumes, social media accounts, email addresses, and contact information make sure to analyze their resumes or profiles. Every message has to be personalized and value-driven. Spamming doesn’t work at all but also hurts your email IP reputation. Also, it is important to keep your messages short and sweet because over 95% of people check messages on their phones. Generally, the framework of the message looks like this: Personalization – Value proposition / Offer – Call to action. 

While the execution of a recruiting strategy varies, we are confident that outbound recruiting will make recruiters’ jobs easier and help them overcome future recruiting challenges. Recruiters’ jobs today are critical to the labor force recovery. To regain control, it is time to abandon the current outdated and overused inbound recruitment strategies. Use the power of outbound recruitment to your advantage and be a part of this transformational change.

To avoid being left behind in today’s competitive and candidate-driven market, recruiters must shift from inbound to outbound recruiting. Outbound recruiting allows recruiters to take control of their recruiting strategy and create a scalable action plan. It is a methodology that must be implemented in order to avoid the current economic climate’s recruiting challenges.

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