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Paul Eliacin Tells His Story of Struggle and Success Imparting Parts of It In His Film, “Up In Harlem,” A Must See That’s Now Streaming on Amazon Prime

A film director has a number of tools at his disposal for most of these talented individuals. They usually tell stories that they identify with in order to tell a positive message that they believe in. In the case of Paul E. Eliacin, he has channeled his heritage to his craft, creating a powerful film that tells the story of what African American struggle looks like from the inside.

Paul Eliacin is a Haitian-American independent film director that produced a film called Up in Harlem. The film focuses on a diverse set of African Americans that overcome the struggles that come along their way. The film’s themes revolve around a community of minorities that have been historically put down by others. It serves as a harrowing peek at these people’s lives, and it serves as a reminder for all people on how to combat the many problems that many African Americans face.

Up in Harlem is an insightful piece of cinema that has been inspired by real-life events that have occurred in the life of Paul Eliacin. Born in Haiti and immigrating to the United States at such a young age, the acclaimed independent film director grew up without a father. Much like many other immigrants who move to the United States, he has faced many struggles day in and day out. 

Paul and his family initially moved to the United States on the notion that the country was built on democracy and freedom. It’s true that much of America has been rooted in those principles, but his experiences did not seem to match with what others have enjoyed. Paul Eliacin was denied those very dreams that he had set out to acquire, but he did not falter.

Before becoming an acclaimed independent film director, Paul Eliacin worked hard in pursuit of his own happiness. He worked for Law and Order SVU for 22, years, which is one of the most-watched shows to date. Due to the connections that he has made with his work experience, he was able to get Ice-T to play an essential role in his own film, Up in Harlem.

Up in Harlem isn’t the only remarkable venture that defines Paul’s amazing career. When the tragedy of 9/11 occurred, Paul Eliacin was one of the many people that devoted their time to the relief efforts. He spent sixteen hours a day at ground zero in order to assist in the search and recovery of victims. 

Through his volunteer work, he was diagnosed with several illnesses related to breathing a lot of asbestos at ground zero. He also suffered from chronic rhinosinusitis, an upper respiratory disease, severe disruptive sleep apnea, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Throughout the years, Paul has overcome all of these hardships to hone his craft and achieve what most people have never achieved in their lives.

As the inspirational Paul Eliacin continues to create stories that captivate, motivate, and shed light on various issues, he hopes that individuals will draw inspiration from his life story and the stories he creates. 

To know more about Paul Eliacin and his craft, make sure to check out his official website.

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