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Nic McKinley Launches Thrivers Coffee to Complement’s Efforts with Human Trafficking Survivors

Fundraising for humanitarian purposes is an agelong tradition, and many noble causes have come to fruition through fundraising. However, sometimes it’s not enough to ask for funds from people. Nic McKinley, the founder and CEO of DeliverFund, a nonprofit intelligence organization with a mission to end human trafficking via technological innovation, is pursuing more creative ways of raising funds through a new venture, Thrivers Coffee.

Thrivers Coffee is an extension of the good causes that DeliverFund has been doing and will now serve as a dedicated donor to the charity organization. The company was not established to compete with any existing coffee brand, but rather to sell amazing coffee and donate proceeds from its sales to DeliverFund to fight human trafficking on a larger scale. “It provides a revenue stream that will ultimately fund the needs of human trafficking survivors. It’s not just so that DeliverFund can fight human trafficking in the way that we usually do and go after traffickers. It’s a combination of all of that. And my ultimate vision is if Thrivers is successful to the point that we have excess funding, then we will be going out and finding the trafficking survivor restoration homes that we really like and we think are doing a good job, and we’ll actually be a donor to them,” CEO Nic McKinley explained.

Thrivers Coffee is taking off to connect with people globally and get them to spread the word about the new coffee brand. “Coffee in itself is a saturated market. Virtually everybody knows how to make good coffee these days, and it’s a scientific process. You shouldn’t buy Thrivers Coffee because our coffee is better than anybody else’s. There are many good coffee brands out there. You should buy Thrivers Coffee because the money you’re spending on coffee, which you will spend anyway, is actually supporting the betterment of society. That’s the reason why you buy Thrivers Coffee,” McKinley said.

DeliverFund operates as an intervention body to support law enforcement in fighting the menace that human trafficking has become. The organization provides funds in light of the defunding that law enforcement is experiencing at the moment. In McKinley’s words, “We all know with the latest jobs report that jobs are expected to be cut, and the labor market is expected to get very tight. That means there will be more opportunities for predators to prey on desperate people. That’s why DeliverFund has to be there to ensure that these predators cannot prey on anyone.”

Beyond the fight against human trafficking, DeliverFund also helps survivors of human trafficking get their lives back together and get all the help they need to move to the next level in their lives. With a former police officer, CIA agent and committed philanthropist at the helm of affairs, DeliverFund is making giant strides as a charitable organization. And with Thrivers Coffee joining the fold, there are no limits to what the two entities can achieve for humanity globally.

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