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My Plan Keeper™ Founder Carla Garcia Shares 3 Mistakes About Retirement Planning

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Baby Boomers are defined as those who were born between 1946 and 1964. As such, these individuals are now at the retirement stage of their lives. However, instead of spending time doing what they want or simply hanging out to relax, most of them worry about their finances. As it stands, many of today’s retirees are facing a plethora of monetary predicaments due to poor fund management in the past. Determined to change this narrative is the remarkable Carla Garcia, founder and owner of the groundbreaking venture My Plan Keeper.

Carla has an impressive career that spans over two decades. As a corporate professional, she has worked with various organizations in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale market, including Merrill Lynch and Citi Personal Wealth Management. This time, however, the industry expert decided to make a transition, which she calls her Intentional Transition. Carla’s innovative approach to retirement challenges the traditional notion that one must wait until 59.5 years old or 65 to access funds or rely on an uncertain government benefit. In today’s rapidly evolving world, she has adopted a revolutionary approach by completing the  Certified Professional Retirement Coach Designation & Training program, which provides the most groundbreaking and time-tested proven methods for helping people make a successful transition from work-life to home life.

Leveraging her extensive experience, the discerning woman has witnessed countless missed opportunities by most financial advisors, ultimately detrimental to clients. Here are three mistakes she shared that have affected many retirees, including high and ultra-high-net-worth individuals. Yes, even the ones who focused and had all the “numbers” for happiness have failed, and here is how:

  1. Not replacing their work identity. The potential of reinventing oneself and its impact on retirees cannot be overstated. Often, retirees experience a profound sense of desolation and disconnection due to the loss of their work identity. However, replacing this identity can be an arduous yet fulfilling task. Carla, in her financial planning services, goes beyond the usual realm of advice and employs a process that helps individuals locate their current identity and plan for its replacement. Although this approach may seem unconventional, it serves as a cornerstone for a smooth and optimistic retirement transition, allowing retirees to redefine themselves and overcome boredom and depression.
  2. Seeking out only numbers. Most retirees are seeking where to move their money and if they have enough to retire. That is an old approach and Carla’s new program, Retirement Without Numbers, redefines retirement planning by taking a more holistic approach. It goes beyond just financial goals and encourages retirees to seek wisdom and guidance to create a purposeful and joyful life. With this program, retirees can explore passions, establish meaningful goals, and construct the lifestyle they desire without getting bogged down in confusing financial jargon or benchmarks. Retirement Without Numbers enables clients to create the retirement of their dreams – one filled with happiness, fulfillment, and peace of mind.
  3. Married to fundamentals. When an individual uses a financial advisor for their accumulation phase, they may need to adopt a different strategy when transitioning to deaccumulation. However, some financial advisors may not be keen on this approach as it may require restructuring the portfolio and eliminating risks that affect their assets under management. As a result, traditional investment firms may promote biased news about any other strategy that deviates from the fundamental investing approach. Furthermore, the fundamental strategy is investing pre-tax accounts like the 401k, whereas in reality, retirees are delaying a massive tax bill in the future, which has a significant impact on their future income. Carla’s strategy entails tax-free retirement funds that will set retirees up in ways that standard planning would not.

My Plan Keeper aims to prepare individuals for a retirement that provides clarity, peace of mind, and opportunities. As Carla says, “I strongly believe that my purpose in life is to make a positive impact on people who are open to change and growth. I am passionate about helping individuals create meaningful transitions in their lives, but I understand that change can be challenging and uncomfortable for some. That’s why I am dedicated to working with individuals who are willing to listen, learn, and take action toward creating the life they truly desire. If you’re ready to let go of limiting beliefs and embrace new possibilities, then I am here to support you every step of the way. However, if you’re content with staying stuck in old habits or ways of thinking, then my approach may not be the right fit for you. My mission is to empower those who are ready for positive change.”

The visionary’s keen observations and insightful realizations, coupled with their unparalleled expertise in finance, formed the bedrock of My Plan Keeper. The venture’s distinctive approach has propelled it to the forefront of a burgeoning global movement.

As Carla Garcia continues with her advocacy, she remains steadfast in her vision of equipping clients with the best tools and resources for the next phase of their lives. But most importantly, she intends to continue looking for brand-new ways and innovative ideas. She explained, “What worked in the past is not going to work moving forward. Planning has evolved, and our customers understand that and seek that. Our customers want to make wise decisions and will be the next mixed Gen and will know how to identify foolish decisions.” 

Her ability to facilitate a purposeful transition has made her a highly sought-after speaker for organizations seeking to inspire and prepare their employees. Join Retirement Without Numbers, the soon-to-be largest community of retirees on Facebook who seek wisdom and  find the inspiration and change you’re seeking for your retirement journey. 

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