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Micheal Omeka: Public Speaker and Consultant on Transforming Tragedies to Triumphs

Life can be filled with myriad challenges-inevitably, but the way a person responds to these challenges can become a determinant of their success or failure. So often, our perspective or paradigm plays a massive role in how  we choose to handle roadblocks. Difficulties, depending on their gravity could potentially break us (negative impact), have no effect on us (neutral or resiliency) or become a springboard for attaining new altitudes and success (positive impact). Reality is dynamic and viewing the world with an empowering mindset and perspective can be the difference between success and failure. Perception is reality.

Public Speaker and consultant Micheal Omeka helps people develop the appropriate mindsets that will help them not only get through life’s toughest obstacles but also transcend them. The pain we feel, if channeled correctly can lead to the highest elevation of the self. Through his Consulting agency, Micheal has helped shape the lives of many others as they wove towards personal, professional or collective growth. Alchemy in its purest definition is transformation of the self. Self-transformation is indeed possible.

Micheal Omeka is a successful Public Speaker and Consultant, but his journey has not necessarily been easy. Before establishing MikeOmeka Consulting, he grew up in the Global South, experiencing harsh poverty from a young age. Mike explained, “I skipped most grades in elementary school due to lack of funds…K-12 Education was not free. In middle school, I dabbled in construction temporarily to get by. By the time I was in high school, I was totally dependent on the kindness of strangers to pay for my tuition fees which was around one hundred dollars per year.’’ ‘’A hundred dollars felt like a million back then’’ he added. As a result of his lived experiences, Micheal shared that he developed an antifragile mindset that is solution-oriented so as to cope effectively with his reality. “Turning tragedies and hardships into triumphs became my hallmark.” 

Later in life, Micheal relocated to the more affluent West, where he saw the stark differences in the circumstances of ordinary individuals. “It was then that I realized how much our mindset and perspective hold power over our day to day lives. The subjective lens with which we view reality is even more powerful than the events unfolding in our lives,” Mike said, “Unquestionably, we perform better when we are happy and motivated and when our well-being is taken care of. These observations became an integral part of my approach to consulting and public speaking.”

As CEO of MikeOmeka Consulting he helps people find and maintain a happiness-oriented mindset so as to fuel their success and growth. He strongly believes everyone can be great at something-our innate natural talent, and helps guide individuals willing to take that leap of faith on their path to greatness. Society benefits when we lead purposeful lives. 

In his career, he has worked with clients from diverse backgrounds and demographics actively seeking true happiness that springs from within. “In my time as a fitness specialist, I have worked with elite athletes and CEOs. This experience has given me the competence to understand the mind-body connection that is vital to high performance. And I apply that to my consulting clients and public speaking engagements. Truth is, we suffer more from a lack of resourcefulness than from a lack of resources.” he shared.

Mr Omeka knows firsthand that regardless of the challenges life throws our way, happiness, growth, and success is within reach. He asserts “Seeds require darkness for growth, gold is refined in the furnace, diamonds forms under tremendous pressure, and difficulties is the pathway to our highest elevation.’’ Developing this perspective, he believes, can be the difference between languishing in misery or reaching our fullest potential and helping others. 

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