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Michael Mikhail: Embodying Resilience and Inspiring Success Through Stratton Equities

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Every so often, a truly exceptional leader emerges, one whose story is more than a tale of success. It is a testament to resilience, transformation, and the power of perseverance. Michael Mikhail, the CEO and Founder of Stratton Equities, is one such leader. His remarkable journey from homelessness to heading a thriving enterprise is an inspiration to anyone facing adversity. But more than that, Mikhail’s story is a blueprint for turning dreams into reality, a roadmap marked with determination, strategic thinking, and an entrepreneurial spirit that never wavers. 

From Homelessness to Success 

Mikhail’s journey is nothing short of extraordinary. Penniless and with no credit to his name, in early 2018, he borrowed $1,000 from his mother and dove headlong into his entrepreneurial career. His early days were marked by relentless work and sacrifice. However, within five months, he had successfully launched Stratton Equities. His efforts bore fruit and just six months post-launch, the company grossed a staggering $1.3 million. 

Having navigated such hardships, Mikhail has developed a deep level of empathy and understanding for those facing similar circumstances. This background equips him with the capacity to connect profoundly with individuals, inspiring them to surmount obstacles and attain their goals. 

Transforming Experience into Expertise 

Michael Mikhail’s experience has shaped him into a mentor with unique insights. His exceptional business acumen, strategic thinking, and knack for identifying opportunities are the qualities that made his rapid ascent to success possible. Now, he uses these qualities to guide aspiring entrepreneurs and individuals, helping them navigate their paths and overcome the challenges they may encounter. 

One of Mikhail’s key educational strengths lies in preparing entrepreneurs for the journey to success. He calls this “the road before the road.” His story is a testament to the power of perseverance, sacrifice, dedication, and a robust entrepreneurial mindset. These qualities, combined with Mikhail’s mentorship, can be instrumental for those yearning to achieve their dreams. 

Recognizing Stratton Equities’ Achievements 

Stratton Equities’ innovative approach to business and Mikhail’s leadership have earned them numerous awards and commendations. Forbes Magazine selected Mikhail as part of the 2021 class of “The Next 1000,” which celebrates those redefining business in today’s world. Stratton Equities also featured in NJBIZ, New Jersey’s leading business journal, as one of the Top 250 Privately Held Companies for 2021. Mikhail himself received the honor of being one of NJBIZ’s 2022 Leaders in Finance, and was nominated for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. 

A Beacon for Entrepreneurs and Real Estate Professionals 

Stratton Equities has carved out a niche for itself as the nation’s leading private money and NON-QM mortgage lender. Offering the widest variety of mortgage programs nationwide, Stratton Equities works directly with entrepreneurs, real estate and mortgage professionals, and mortgage brokers. The firm aims to reach an impressive $1.2 billion in annual closed loan volume or $100 million monthly. 

One aspect of Mikhail’s pathos stands out – his ability to transform perceived disadvantages into strengths. In an interview, Mikhail reveals how he leveraged his dyslexia, an aspect others might view as a limitation, into a unique approach that became the foundation of Stratton Equities. 

Mikhail’s dyslexia makes it difficult for him to read paragraphs, but bullet points and phone conversations suit him perfectly. Implementing this style of communication into Stratton Equities has led to a better understanding of deals, stronger relationships, and a higher conversion rate in closing loans. The emphasis on phone communication over email has made the company more efficient and has become crucial to Stratton Equities’ training for new recruits. 

Standing Apart with Unique Approaches 

What sets Stratton Equities apart? The company’s unique focus on its employees. Investing in employee training and education, Mikhail has crafted a consistent direct organic leads system that puts Stratton Equities in a league of its own. 

“Mortgages are about programs,” says Mikhail. With this philosophy, Stratton Equities’ mission is to offer the most diverse range of mortgage programs in the industry, customizing private money loan programs for every unique project investment need. 

One case that stood out to Michael was that of a student, on the verge of losing an inherited two-family rental property due to lack of credit and funds, sought their help. Stratton Equities was able to secure a loan for her, allowing her to rent the property and generate income – a solution no one else was willing to provide. 

Bridging the Gap 

While many lenders limit their loan officers to a narrow range of mortgage programs, Stratton Equities aims to bridge this gap in the mortgage industry. By offering a diverse array of mortgage programs, Stratton Equities enables its loan officers to fund and approve a broader range of deals, driving their careers forward, propelling the company’s growth, and helping those in need. 

As Stratton Equities continues to thrive under Mikhail’s leadership, it aims to reach an annual closed loan volume of $1.2 billion or $100 million monthly. To facilitate their growth in 2023, they’re expanding their team and hiring experienced Mortgage Loan Officers. 

Stratton Equities stands as a beacon for those navigating the turbulent waters of entrepreneurship and real estate investment. It serves as a testament to Mikhail’s resilience, his transformative journey, and his undying entrepreneurial spirit.  

Follow Stratton Equities through their website and through their social media handles on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube (@StrattonEquities), LinkedIn (@stratton-equities), and Twitter (@Strattonequity). 

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