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Michael Lush on Leading the Rise of Replace Your University and Crossing Industries to Bridge Market Gaps

Along with a host of other factors, the dynamic nature of the financial landscape has made it challenging for both aspiring and established entrepreneurs to thrive in the long run. Although starting a venture comes with its fair share of difficulties, business owners find that launching is probably the easiest step, and the real battle begins when one hopes to scale their business. Despite these complexities, Michael Lush has managed to build a powerhouse of a company whose reach crosses several industries, doing so by banking on his acumen, extensive experience, and ability to identify existing gaps. 

The founder and CEO of Replace Your University, Michael Lush has cemented his position as an authority in several sectors, including mortgage and financial education. His impressive portfolio speaks not only of his expertise but also of his awe-inspiring grit, dedication, and ambition. 

Michael has come a long way from making a name for himself in the mortgage industry and then dealing with the repercussions of the 2008 financial crisis to creating his own business and developing courses designed to educate consumers on effective ways to purchase a home. But, despite the achievements under his belt, he shows no sign of slowing down, always on the lookout for any market needs to which he could provide tailored solutions. 

Today, Michael continues to lead the efforts of Replace Your University, a known power player in the financial education space that operates under the overarching mission of filling the void of “real world,” applicable education. “The current education system is focused on employment versus entrepreneurship, where students are trained to get a job,” said the well-respected CEO. “There is nothing with that. However, there is a demand from a small population of this country that is hungry to escape that cycle. That is where we come in.”

Since its creation, Replace Your University has served all fifty states and taken under its wing over 6,000 clients. It has also expanded to tackle different areas of focus, a move that influenced the birth of Replace Your Mortgage, Replace Your Mindset, Replace Your Employer, Replace Your Dollar, and Replace Your Banker. 

This year, Replace Your University introduced its newest program, Replace Your School, in recognition of the rapid growth of home-based education and to support families who desire to take full ownership of the learning of their children. “Many families are intimidated by state homeschool laws and curricular requirements and are scared away from homeschooling because of myths such as, “Homeschooled kids are weird.” We help families overcome these incorrect beliefs and empower them to give their children the education they deserve,” explained Michael. 

In launching all of these signature programs, the widely accomplished entrepreneur finds inspiration from the vision of a generation where individuals and families can build the life that they want. To translate that into reality, Michael and Replace Your University commits to going all-out in addressing the widespread lack of education and miseducation hindering people from achieving their goals and creating the lifestyle of their dreams.

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