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Las Vegas Awards Brennan Tolman 30 Under 30

Brennan Tolman is a name that has been getting quite the attention in the world of freelance photography and videography – and rightfully so. Recently announced as one of the official winners of the city of Las Vegas’ 30 Under 30 award, Tolman has made a name for himself as a true leader in his field. But for Tolman, success is not just about himself; it’s about lifting up those around him as well.

“So many people think there’s a limited supply of success out there… I’m here to tell you the opposite is true,” Tolman said in an interview. “Success is not only infinite in nature, but it multiplies each time someone finds it. The more successful you are, the more successful all others around you will be.”

Tolman’s philosophy is rooted in the “rising tide effect” in the world of freelancing, where one person’s success can lead to more opportunities for those around them. It’s a mindset that has served him well in his career, and it’s one that has earned him the title of “the King Freelancer” among some in the industry. But Tolman himself prefers to be seen as a conductor of an orchestra, one that makes sure every member is in sync to create a harmonious final outcome.

For Tolman, winning the 30 Under 30 award is a particularly special honor, as he has only been living in Las Vegas for six months. “I just feel like the city of Las Vegas has really embraced me as an entrepreneur and as a person,” he said. “The energy, spirit, and hustle of the residents of this city were what initially drew me to it – it just feels so special to be recognized in this way by such a wonderful place.”

Motivated by his love for others, Tolman has made extraordinary efforts to build his personal brand and speak up more. He candidly shares his past experiences with anxiety and depression, recognizing that unity and support are crucial in overcoming such struggles. He believes, “We have to stick together or else we are toast.”

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