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Kayvon Kay on Having the Self-discipline to Achieve Success in any Field

The popular saying, “Freedom means responsibility,” holds true always, especially when it comes to pursuing success in any endeavor and self-discipline is needed. Seasoned entrepreneur and sales expert Kayvon Kay is throwing his weight behind self-discipline as he notes that it is the most important thing for anyone looking to get ahead in any area of their life.

Kayvon Kay arrived at this conclusion from working with successful people for over twenty years and seeing them show up every single day. “Showing up is crucial when pursuing your dreams and without self-discipline, showing up can be a challenge for many people. Nobody is going to check you if you decide not to show up, so how do you show up consistently? Self-discipline is the only way,” Kayvon explained. “I know some of the most successful people in the industry. And what I’ve done is gather information from them. I’ve done a lot of studying and the first rule that I’ve seen successful people obey is showing up to go after dreams and to have the world of abundance.”

Understanding how easy it is to be average and mediocre, Kayvon Kay is addressing many people’s problems from the source. He knows how hard it is to keep up with showing up and he understands how convenient it is to keep hitting the snooze button and stay in bed. He is, however, speaking against that act and encouraging people to keep it moving and work hard toward their dreams. “Showing up is the absolute number one rule to success. You cannot be successful without showing up. So, what does this mean? First thing it means you need to get out of bed. Too many people hit the snooze button. I call that button the “average button.” Stop hitting the snooze button, get out of bed, show up, get on the phone, pick up that phone and call that person that you have neglected to call. Maybe you need to call your boss and tell them something you haven’t or are scared to tell them. Pick up that phone and show up because if you don’t show up, you will not get that success,” he explained.

Kayvon acknowledges the fact that even the most consistent person has days when they do not want to do anything, but he reiterates that the willingness to show up makes all the difference. He also believes that showing up is a vital quality in sales and business leadership, as it is the one thing that has helped him in his last two decades of dominating the sales industry. “We all have more chances of failing when we show up than if we sit back and watch others. One thing I learned through all the success principles in all the books I’ve read is that the most successful people failed on their way to the top and that only happened because they never stopped showing up despite failures and obstacles.

Supporting people’s dreams and encouraging them to put in their best is the hallmark of Kayvon Kay’s influence and success in the sales industry. He’s passionate about creating a new crop of successful people, and he goes all out with giving out information and valuable resources to support their journeys. Kayvon Kay is Canada’s number #1 pharmaceutical sales representative and the founder of the hugely successful One-Call Closer Methodology.

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