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Katie Thompson-Mayes on Determination and Her Lifefire Weight & Wellness Clinic

Katie Thompson-Mayes on Determination and Her Lifefire Weight & Wellness Clinic
Photo Courtesy: Katie Thompson-Mayes

By: Maria Williams

Katie Thompson-Mayes understands firsthand how weight can affect your body. After the birth of her second child, she struggled to shed weight, saying she did not feel like herself and started to develop health problems as a result. However, a strong desire and commitment to losing weight led to her seventy-pound weight loss and the eventual creation of her clinic, Lifefire Weight & Wellness.

Thompson-Mayes’s Background

Thompson-Mayes states that much of her weight loss occurred during the pandemic—and though she worked tirelessly in the emergency room while attending graduate school and homeschooling her kids, she was able to keep up her workout routine and healthy lifestyle. During her journey, she developed a large following on social media.

“My background is that I started off in healthcare as a teen mom and college dropout who began working as a Certified Nursing Assistant years ago to support my young son at the time,” Thompson-Mayes says. “I ended up loving it and went on to get my Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing and worked successfully in Emergency Medicine for several years before returning to school for my Master’s degree.”

Though both of Thompson-Mayes’s degrees come from the University of Pennsylvania, an Ivy League school, she says that she’s often been underestimated, especially as a young black woman. She has stated that she overcame these misperceptions with hard work and persistence, especially as she started her own wellness center in a tiny, 100-square-foot office.

“Within two months, I had outgrown the space and had to move to a much larger space with four treatment rooms and a 10-car parking lot,” she says.

Lifefire Weight & Wellness has since expanded from merely a weight loss clinic and now offers a wide range of services, including IV therapy and men’s health. Due to the high demand, they will open a new clinic in Wilmington, Delaware, in August 2024. This clinic will operate in addition to the current clinic in Havertown, Pennsylvania.

What Sets Lifefire Weight & Wellness Apart

According to Thompson-Mayes, the Lifefire Weight & Wellness program is unique because it isn’t just about achieving results but maintaining them. She wants her clients to overcome the cycle of yo-yo dieting to keep the weight off, and everything about their program is designed to help them succeed in the long term.

“As someone that has been through this (weight loss) journey before, I understand how anxiety-inducing all of this can be,” Thompson-Mayes says. “Because of that, we’ve tried our best to make the experience at Lifefire as pleasant as possible.”

Thompson-Mayes says clients meet with Lifefire Weight & Wellness staff regularly, virtually or in person, and their IV infusion patients have the most relaxing experience possible. Their office not only smells amazing, but parking is easy. They also offer discretion when it comes to being treated at their clinic. “We try to schedule our clients far apart so they don’t have to worry about waiting in a busy waiting room, and we treat them like family,” she says.

Lifefire Weight & Wellness is located at 500 W Township Line Road in Havertown, Pennsylvania, and offers excellent services to its clients. It offers services such as weight loss, infusions, and men’s health and aims to be the best it can be. With a 5-star rating on Google, Lifefire’s clients say that Katie Thompson-Mayes is a phenomenal provider, and she wants to help you achieve your wellness goals next!

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for general informational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice. Readers should consult a qualified healthcare professional before making any health-related decisions. The contents of this article should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

Published by: Nelly Chavez

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