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JTS Vacations: At the Forefront of Vacation Planning and Concierge Services

Going on a vacation is undoubtedly a fun experience that everyone looks forward to. But, on the other hand, the planning stage can be a highly stressful time which can take away from all the excitement. As such, many people turn to expert travel concierge JTS Vacations for a hassle-free experience.

The exceptional brand specializes in providing first-class and comprehensive services from consultation to the post-trip experience. Moreover, travel experiences are customized and tailored not only to meet each client’s needs but also to exceed their fantasies.

Even though a significant portion of its clientele can plan a vacation on their own, they still prefer to employ the company’s assistance to do all of the heavy lifting and planning. As a result, the business plans every aspect, detail, and itinerary to maximize the experience; no stone is left unturned. 

In addition, pricing is never a primary concern for many of its clients; what matters to them is having worry-free travel planning. This allows clients to focus on and sort out the more critical matters. Because of its stellar services and expertise in the industry, JTS Vacations remains to be the go-to choice for many. 

At the helm of the one-of-a-kind venture is Shamica Davis. The extraordinary entrepreneur shared what makes her brand stand out. She said, “I customize elevated travel experiences for individuals that do not want the hassles of planning their travel. I will make your vacation dreams come true. When you hire me as your CEO, ‘Chief Experience Officer,’ your only job is to pay, pack, and show up.”

Aside from Shamica Davis’s incredible leadership, what separates JTS Vacations from the competition is its excellent strategies and approaches that prioritize customer satisfaction. Additionally, it has unmatched client support, and it ensures that clients only work with one advisor throughout all stages of their vacation planning process.

On top of that, the company believes in the importance of looping clients in. So travelers are provided with valuable education and information, especially for international destinations. Everything from destination guides and visa info to cultural tips is made available.

But perhaps its most significant advantage is its proprietary 3PEG Strategic Approach that is offered to all customers. The brand thoroughly breaks down the meaning behind this acronym. 

Starting with the three Ps, they shared, “Plan, we customize every detail of your experience, so all of the fine details are covered. Pay, we create individual payment plans to ensure your trip is all paid for before leaving home. Pack, grab your swimwear, sunscreen, and favorite suitcase.” As for E and G, they continued, “Educate, before you go, we ensure you are well educated about your trip and destination. Go, it’s time to make memories!”

Ultimately, JTS Vacations has proven that it is the leading authority in the travel planning industry. Moving forward, the venture hopes to exponentially scale its success into a multi-million dollar brand that incorporates both private and hosted group trips being offered throughout the year.

Furthermore, Shamica Davis is also planning to create a Chief Experience Officer coaching program that focuses on teaching new travel agents the ins and outs of running a successful travel brand.Find out more about JTS Vacations by visiting its official website. You can also follow them on Facebook, and Instagram.

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