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JT Hammons Solving Problems through MortgageRPM

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The average LO closes between three to five mortgages every month while putting in over 50 hours of work every week. Before Detroit introduced the most significant and most impactful revolution in the auto industry, it took 12 hours to build a vehicle. With the Detroit revolution and the introduction of an assembly line, a car could be built within an hour and thirty-three minutes, which is by far and large a massive improvement on the technology available in the auto industry. JT Hammons, seeing the impacts of these innovations and inspired by the ingenuity and the automation of Detroit, created a system that adds 14 to 16 closings every month for his clients.

Dr. JT Hammons is a serial entrepreneur and an innovator. He is the founder of MortgageRPM, where he helps mortgage loan officers double, triple and even quadruple their closings while working just 30 hours a week. In a career spanning almost two decades, he has actively been a student of direct-response marketing since 2003. That and holding a Ph.D. in Strategic Leadership, his personal and professional goals are streamlined along the line and driven by his desire to be a coach and consultant to c-level executives. Following the path eventually led him into the financial sector, where he has actively pursued his personal goal of helping others succeed. With MortgageRPM, the way I can do that is to help MLOs reach their potential in the industry.

While Hammons does not know what goes on precisely in rival companies, he points out that at MortgageRPM, the company operates on a pretty distinct model, specially created to serve each client to their satisfaction. He said, “The first thing we do is combat the commoditization mindset. You deserve to work with clients who believe in paying a premium for working with a true professional. It’s the difference between shopping at Target versus the House of Bijan.” To put into perspective, “Specialization and standards are key. Once you understand that, we can dial in your marketing. We put the strategies and systems in place that accelerate rapid results. Usually, by the second or third month working with us, our LOs receive more applications in one month than they ever have before. It is so much fun.”

On what motivated him to build his brand, Hammons said, “The motivation behind turning MortgageRPM was speed. No pun intended. In a freelance environment, you are always accountable to the slowest person in the process. Bringing my team under one team has given us the ability to help more LOs much quicker than ever before. And that’s what I want. To help as many mortgage loan officers as we possibly can.”

Seeing the level of the increase in demand from real estate agents’ insurance brokers and financial planners to offer what MortgageRPM does in those markets. It won’t be a surprise if MortgageRPM ventures into those industries; however, Hammons’ personal goal for the next five years includes helping at least 100 Los double, triple or even quadruple their closing while putting in less work. “Right now, that’s what success looks like for us.”

Learn more about MortgageRPM or book a session with them via their official website.

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