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Innovative Senior Care Consultants on How to Improve the Home and Senior Care Industry

Eshonda Blue and Jessica Wright are healthcare professionals and sisters who prove when you align your passion and purpose to serves a cause greater than yourself, the sky becomes the limit. The Georgia natives answered their calling in 2007 when they started Innovative Senior Solutions. It was a home-care business designed to serve the needs of their aging grandmother and countless elders and disabled adults who faced placement in a nursing home. 

Passionate about innovating the industry, Blue and Wright designed their business to mimic the comforts of living at home, to encourage independence, and preserve dignity for the senior citizens. “Our goal is to meet the progressive needs of seniors and their desire to stay in the community as long as possible,” the sisters began, “The services we offer include Adult Day Health Centers, Personal Care Homes, Transportation, and Consulting.”  

After a combined 20 years in the healthcare industry, Eshonda and Jessica knew their expertise would be more impactful if they focused primarily on consulting. They wanted to prepare the country for the rising demand for high quality facilities and compassionate care providers that would come as the country’s baby boomers reached senior status within the next decade.

It was decided. Blue and Wright started Innovative Senior Consultants where they help businesses in the home care industry get started, established, and geared towards success. The company’s services provide entrepreneurs the opportunity to meet the growing need for elder care and make a real impact on the lives of the older adults in the community. 

Mentorship played a major role in Eshonda Blue and Jessica Wright’s personal, business, and leadership development. The sisters desired to provide a similar experience for their clients. They packaged their 15 years of experience running an award-winning senior care business into a duplicatable blueprint. Innovative Senior Care Consultants are establishing themselves as the one-stop-shop for anyone serious about leveraging the lucrative senior care industry to support families that are in need. “We have built and sold one company in the senior care space,” the sister began, referring to the profitable in-home senior care business they sold in 2019 for over a million dollars. 

In 2020, when the pandemic first hit, the sisters went from giving free advice to healthcare workers and families through informational videos, to transforming their brand-new, senior care facility into an emergency recovery center for Covid-19 patients. Under Blue and Wright’s leadership, the patients were able to regain their strength without becoming reinfected, despite being labeled the most at-risk age group in the country. Innovative Senior Consultants proudly shared all of their facilities, staff members, and clients have remained Covid-free thanks to their high standards of health and attention to detail.

In a few years, the goal for Innovative Senior Care Consultants is to become nationally recognized. They envision permanently raising the bar for standards of caregiving for senior and disabled adults. The company also hopes to build extensive senior networks to blanket the country with innovative care communities and homes, allowing our elders’ peace of mind and comfort in their retirement. Learn more about Innovative Senior Care Consultants on their official website,

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