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Incredible Singer-Songwriter HYLYND Blazes a Trail in the Music Scene With His Unique Style

The music scene is perhaps one of the most vibrant industries that is teeming with talent. Despite that, most of these aspiring singer/songwriters lack originality and very rarely does one come across an innovative and truly unique individual. However, one remarkable artist is making waves for forging a one-of-a-kind path, HYLYND.

The singer-songwriter and producer is the brilliant mind behind hits such as “2x & ½ With You” and “Hands,” with the latter earning more than 1.5 million streams on Spotify. He is  known for creating his own style that features the freshness of a forward-leaning artist with the depth of one from the early 90s. The prodigy who hails from North Carolina started playing the drums at the age of two and over the years has become a seasoned drummer, pianist, guitarist,  string arranger & producer.

Utilizing his vast array of skill sets, he has impressed not only fans and music enthusiasts but also industry professionals like his voice coach Jan Smith. The Grammy-nominated and Hall of Fame vocal coach says he is a “ridiculous talent and vocal athlete.”

On top of that, he has also captured the attention of several publishing companies, which has helped him sign several non-exclusive publishing deals with Sonata in London, 411 Music Group in Los Angeles, and Audiio Music Group in Nashville and was recently featured on Sony published “Falcon Mixtape’s – Motor City Classix.”

The artist recently released his latest song, ‘Glory Halle’ (Hallelujah) which is streaming on platforms everywhere and is collaborating and co-producing new music with Grammy-nominated legendary producer King Michael Coy who works with industry icons like Dr. Dre, H.E.R., and Anderson Paak.Because of his undeniable artistry, he has amassed a significant following on social media such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Additionally, what fans like the most about HYLYND is his infectious energy during performances. When music directing or putting together live shows, the vibrant artist’s passion is apparent as he bounces around on and off the mic to the piano, guitars, and synths. As he continues scaling his career, the timeless artist promises to remain faithful to his unique self. Visit www.hylynd to stay up to date with everything HYLYND..

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