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How Faith and Financials Can Combine to Create Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy
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My theme for 2023 is ‘Get Started.’ Everything you’ve accomplished is because you started.” 

Dexter B. Jenkins spent 20 years in the financial services industry before becoming the senior pastor of a church. This unique combination of jobs created what is now called DBJ Enterprises.

As a pastor, Jenkins is always quoting scriptures about the abundance of money and resources which purchase your most important commodity: time. Jenkins has combined his two passions in life to create a faith-based financial mentorship where he seeks to help others increase their financial intelligence and utilize real estate as a wealth-creation tool.

The very focus of DBJ Enterprises is to help people become financially literate.

What Makes DBJ Unique?

Not only does DBJ Enterprises combine faith and financials, but it is run by Dexter B. Jenkins, who is African American. Now that is a combination that sets apart the company entirely! He has broken down many barriers by starting this business.

“Many people of color don’t believe they can do it. So a lot of what I do is infusing faith and hope with people,” Jenkins said.

Jenkins argues that 95% of your goal believes you can, which is his entire theme for 2023. But, according to Jenkins, believing that you can do what you set out to achieve is the hardest and largest part of achieving a goal

Jenkin’s and The SHIP Method  

DBJ Enterprises utilizes a framework that Jenkins has coined as the SHIP Method. The SHIP Method, which stands for stewardship, ownership, and entrepreneurship, combines a faith-based approach to helping individuals increase their financial literacy and intelligence.  

The first step is determining a client’s view of money. Do they see money as a way to pay bills, something to be scared of, or another importance? Once that is assessed, clients are taught how to establish positive money beliefs and behaviors and to eliminate negative ones that no longer serve them.  

The second step is finding out where the client is in their goals. What amount is saved, what kind of debts they owe, and their final goals are all discussed in step two. This is the basic step to achieve monetary goals since these factors all influence someone maximizing their financial potential.

The last step is setting goals for long-term success. Once you have determined how you view money and your current money status, clients can set realistic goals for their future with DBJ Enterprises. They will advise and help you plan for your financial goals based on the information already given.

Two Basic Ways To Improve Your Finances

DBJ Enterprises has two very basic ways to improve your finances no matter where you are. The first is to decrease expenses in any way possible. This part is tricky because it runs the risk that clients could enter a poverty mindset when trying to decrease expenses. But DBJ Enterprises ensures they can help you create a plan for decreasing expenses without being in a poverty mindset.

The second way to improve your finances is by increasing your income. Again, this sounds basic, but DBJ Enterprises is not necessarily saying you need to get a higher-paying job. Instead, they suggest adding multiple income streams, especially through the vehicle of real estate. Having clients aim for financial freedom through passive income is a major focus for Jenkins and his team.  

What’s Next for DBJ Enterprises

The theme for 2023 is getting started. DBJ Enterprises and Dexter B. Jenkins have committed to helping clients get started because belief is 95% of the goal. Everything accomplished is because someone started.

DBJ Enterprises can help you become financially literate while having a faith-based approach. Go to to find out what the firm can do for you. 

Make sure to download the free e-book on The SHIP Method when you visit the site. Dexter also likes to hang out on LinkedIn as well.  

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