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Home Warranty Claims; The Definitive Guide

If a home warranty-covered appliance or system breaks down, you may submit a claim to have it fixed or replaced. Homeowners may file as many claims under their house warranty as they want, as stated by First American House Warranty.

If you are thinking about buying a home warranty soon, then you must familiarize yourself with the claims procedure beforehand. Furthermore, the influx of warrant companies never fails to confuse people when it comes to deciding on one that will serve them best.

To save you some time, we would recommend you try Elite Home Warranty as your home warranty provider. As a relatively new player in the market, Elite Home Warranty has a lot to demonstrate to its customers about the quality of the service they provide, as well as its legitimacy and reliability. In terms of the company’s service offerings and guarantees, the business guarantees to provide comprehensive coverage, adjustable pricing, and optional deductibles, in addition to a complete return policy that is valid for sixty days.

Process Of Filing Claims For Home Warranty

Following these procedures can help you fix a broken water heater, plumbing system, and/or other household appliance:

  • Make sure you have coverage and know what it entails.
  • Make an appointment for servicing if you need to use your warranty. 
  • Cover the cost of service and any further repairs that may be necessary. 

Check Your Insurance And Learn The Details

Equipment and systems that fall under the umbrella of protection

What is and isn’t covered in your home’s coverage is spelt out in your warranty contract. A coverage summary will often outline the problems the warranty will cover, how the warranty provider will handle the repairs and replacements, and any exclusions to the coverage that may apply to your contract. Also included are details on how and when payments are to be made. 

At Elite Home Warranty, they provide the widest range of customization options and go out of their way to keep the number of exceptions to a minimum. This guarantees that you get the specific coverage you need and on which you can rely. 

Price of service call

You should check the starting price of $75 for service visits. If you need to make use of the warranty services, this will change how much you anticipate spending. 

When joining the Elite Home Warranty packages for your home, you will be given a range of options for your service charge; you may pay as little as $70 for every service call or as much as $130. They want you to feel confident in the cost of service provided by the professionals in their network who will be coming to your aid.

Check insurance limitations

Determine whether the broken appliance or system is covered under your current policy. Take the case of a broken refrigerator: if the warranty only covers up to $1000 of repairs, you’ll have to pay the remaining balance out of your pocket. In addition, businesses may limit payouts for repairs to certain appliance parts.

State of appliance or systems

Finally, while determining whether or not you are covered, think about whether or not the time was functioning properly until it abruptly broke. The “pre-existing conditions” provision in the warranty agreement gives the home warranty provider the right to refuse to cover repair costs if the item in question has a record of failing to perform properly. 

Make An Appointment For a Service Visit To File A Warranty Claim 

Get in touch with a home warranty provider. If a covered appliance or system breaks down, immediately contact the home warranty firm’s customer service number. You may find the contact number in your contract or online. Customers can typically file service requests using online forms located on “clients portals” on the business’ website. 

Don’t forget to go through the proper channels, when filing a warranty claim. The procedure of claiming a warranty benefit begins with your service request. During the phone call, the warranty provider may do a preliminary diagnostic to determine if you can resolve the problem via troubleshooting and save a repair call thus saving you money. Provide as much detail as possible when explaining the issue, and be ready to answer inquiries regarding the age, health, and manufacturer of the damaged appliance or system. 

Sort out if fixing it is more cost-effective or whether a replacement is more practical. Home warranty providers often choose to repair malfunctioning systems instead of replacing them because of cost savings. The business may opt to replace the equipment or system or pay you monetary compensation to cover the price of a new one if the expense of repairs exceeds the replacement coverage limit. To replace an item that costs more than the policy maximum or settlement sum, you will be responsible for the difference. 

The warranty service may also choose to repair or replace just the broken part, instead of the whole device, provided a replacement part is readily accessible. The warranty provider or the homeowner may ask for a second consultant’s advice on the cause of the malfunction and recommended action to take. 

With Elite Home Warranty, members have the option of choosing their own repair professionals for any necessary work. Your choice of any licensed and insured technician is acceptable for them to collaborate with. If you don’t have someone in your mind then they can provide assistance in such matters as well. They provide workmanship warranty of 90 days and have a vast network of service providers and experts who have been thoroughly screened. This guarantees that the work they do is of the highest quality possible and that their customers get first-rate service. 

Compensate For The Service Fee And Any Unreimbursed Repair Costs

When the repair specialist is sent, you should expect to pay a service fee depending on the terms of your agreement. This cost might be as little as $75. There may also be additional fees if the contract only covers a portion of the repair. Many home warranty plans will cover appliances like refrigerators but not water dispensers, ice makers, or electronic controls. 

Carefully reviewing your contract in advance of making a service call might help you anticipate any extra out-of-pocket costs. When you make a claim, a representative from the firm should also explain what costs aren’t guaranteed to be reimbursed. 

All eligible repairs are reimbursed straight to the technician by the warranty provider. If possible, the technician should be able to fix your covered appliance or system for no additional charge beyond the service fee. However, it’s always better to know what you will be liable for in advance to avoid any unforeseen problems. 

Elite Home Warranty is aware that submitting a claim is not something that you do on a regular basis. Having a dedicated claims concierge who is there for you from the very beginning to the very end to answer your concerns, supply you with information, and keep you informed at every stage of the process is one way they try to eliminate the stress the situation may create. 

Is There A Certain Time Frame Within Which I Must Submit A Home Warranty Claim?

At the first sign of trouble with a covered appliance or system, you must submit a claim for home warranty coverage. Although most home warranty providers advertise around-the-clock claim support, it may take two days and sometimes more for the firm to get in touch with a service provider.

The next sit tight until you hear back from the contractor and schedule the repair at a time that is convenient for you. That might leave you without a working refrigerator, oven, or air conditioner for a few days. There is no assurance that your claim will be processed quickly by the warranty provider, although they may attempt.

If the failure of your system or appliance can be traced back to an existing issue, the firm may refuse to pay out on your claim. Most warranties will not cover the damage caused by normal wear and tear.  Whether you want to know what is and isn’t included in your plan, as well as if you will have to foot the bill for your contractor, read the contract carefully.

Common Faults When Making A Home Warranty Claim

Misunderstanding what is and is not included in a home warranty coverage is the most common complaint from claimants. Thoroughly reviewing the warranty stems and conditions before purchase will help you save a lot of time and hassle in the long run by ensuring that it delivers the protections you need.

Make sure you know the policy of the home warranty company before scheduling a repair appointment independently. The reason for this is that businesses have established relationships with certain service providers making it easier to arrange the service appointment via them. A repair warranty will be void if you choose an unauthorized service provider.

You won’t find a simpler way to file a claim than with Elite Home Warranty.  You can start with the fact that everything you need is accessible through the internet or their user-friendly mobile app.  A real-life, helpful agent is available to take your claim submissions if you choose. Second, everything is spelled out for you upfront. To put it another way, when you do make a claim you will know exactly what to expect and how it will be handled. 

 When Should You Contact Your Home Warranty Provider?

The majority of home warranty providers now provide online claim forms. They also include customer support phone numbers you can use to make appointments, get answers to issues, and submit claims. It should not take more than a few minutes to file a claim online if you have all the necessary information on hand. There may be a long waiting period if you need to speak to customer support by phone.

The headquarters of Elite Home Warranty can be found in New York, and it is there that their helpful support staff can be found to give top-notch assistance and exceptional service. They have experienced members of our team located in various states who are striving to guarantee that we are able to assist you around-the-clock, 7 days a week.


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