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Fitzgerald & Campbell Weighs in on the Subject of Statute of Limitations for Private Student Loan Debt

Of all the financial burdens plaguing the United States economy and government, student loans remain the most significant and the most likely to persist for decades to come. According to statistics, access to student loans has received a massive boost in the 21st century. As of 2021, the total amount of money owed in student loans amounts to about $1.76trillion, with half of that going to students in graduate schools. At the same time, the continued rise in the cost of tertiary institution tuition has been attributed to the significant increases in student loans, with the average university graduate owing at least $30,0000 in student loans upon earning their bachelor’s degree. While the loan in itself is not the problem, the problem remains conflicting and contradictory information provided by financial institutions, lenders and banks over the years concerning the repayment obligations of student loans. Greg Fitzgerald, is the founding partner of Fitzgerald & Campbell APLC, a California-based law and financial advisory firm, is on a mission to correct these misconceptions so that students can break free from the shackles of these debts.

Fitzgerald & Campbell APLC, is a law firm committed to helping people make sound financial decisions about their debts. With particular reference to young people, especially fresh graduates with several student loans hanging over their heads, the firm, through its years of expertise, designs a practicable blueprint for resolution, one that is less problematic for the client and, in the end, achieves financial security. Ensuring that young people start their careers on the right financial footing is key to a strong economy is important to Fitzgerald & Campbell.

Reacting to a student loan lender article published on August 4, 2021, titled, “Is there a Statute of Limitations on Debt?” Fitzgerald criticizes the misleading attempt by SoFi (the publisher) to claim there is no statute of limitations on private student loans. SoFi went as far as making the statement, “And some debts, like student loans, are not subject to statutes of limitations.”—a statement that is wrong because private student loans are subject to the statute of limitations.  SoFi is in the best position to know this because they deal exclusively in private loans, yet they reiterate the fallacy three more times in the article. “That’s not a typo; that’s pushing a message; it is misinformation,” Fitzgerald says.

Fitzgerald & Campbell APLC provides services such as Credit Card Debt settlement, Student Loans Debt settlement, Medical debt, and Payday/Cash Advance Debt settlement to a growing  clientele due to the pandemic. Describing the posturing of financial institutions and lenders as misleading and unhelpful, Fitzgerald & Campbell hopes to be able to drastically reduce the number of student loans hanging over their clients’ heads and at the same time educate as many people as possible the reality of their debt profile while correcting the misconceptions pushed out by creditors.

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