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Esoteric Collection Is Giving Rising Artists a Platform

The world of art often feels fragmented at times, with promising artists on one side and avid art collectors on the other. In times where the divide between the two tribes seems insurmountable, art collective Esoteric Collection and its founder Aaron Von Ossko hope to bridge the gap and give rising artists a platform to showcase their best works to art enthusiasts everywhere. 

Aaron is a rare cross between a business-savvy entrepreneur and a creative artist. His love and passion for the arts know no bounds. Growing up, he belonged to a household that was not supportive of his calling. His father discouraged Aaron from pouring his life into the thing he loved most. But highly convinced that nothing else would make him happier, the art specialist went against the grain and chose to live according to his own rules. 

Today, he has successfully built an art collective slash empire that influences artists and art circles all over the nation. Esoteric Collection assists countless artists with celebrated talent by providing them with the right media presence and career development services to connect creators with larger audiences. The company has worked with many iconic artists, including Baltimore-based painter Purnell Gray. Esoteric Collection also works with many other established and rising artists like Tonia Calderone, King Saladeen, Retna, Gregory Siff, Plastic Jesus, Sek, Britney Palmer, Flore, Spencer “Mar” Gilburt, Skyler Grey, Ace of LA, Jimmy Paintz, Justyna, Yelena York, and Lina Valentina.

Esoteric Collection hopes to improve the “gallery concept” by removing the middleman and allowing artists to do what they do best, which is create. Aaron Von Ossko has mastered the craft of packaging artists and building up their brand and image among some of the nation’s biggest collector circles. As both an artist and collector himself, Aaron understands both sides of the conversation’s pain points and views and knows how to find the best middle ground where both parties win. 

The art collective’s mission is to bring greater awareness of art amongst the general public, helping more people understand that the visual arts are more than just old paintings in a museum. It hopes to create awareness of the societal and cultural impacts that art plays in the community and the many benefits it brings to people. As a result, Aaron and Esoteric Collection have won dozens of artists’ trust and loyalty and curated over one hundred works of art from artists who inspire through their craft. Esoteric Collection has worked with Art Basel and the LA Art Show to showcase the best of contemporary artists from all four corners of the country.

The art curation company has worked with many international brands to advocate for greater art appreciation, including Nike, Maxim, Nikki Beach, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Philipp Plein, and FHM. It has also worked with many forward-thinking galleries such as Soze Gallery, Art Angels, Julien’s Auctions, and Gallery Go.

Despite the many challenges he faces, Aaron Von Ossko is motivated to turn the Esoteric Collection into a leader in the American art space and beyond. To follow the art curation collective and its founder Aaron Von Ossko, visit their website and Instagram page.

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