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Empowering Entrepreneurs: Remember That Business is Always About Solving Human Problems

JB Brown
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In an interview with JB Brown, the interviewee discussed how he is a “professional problem solver.” His skill set is solving problems – regardless of problem type – that humans encounter daily. All businesses ultimately have core human desires, emotions, and needs to be met, so Brown’s focus is on identifying how a company can solve these needs efficiently and elegantly, and in a manner that is cost-effective for the consumer or business. 

Brown maintains that businesses must focus on identifying and solving problems by considering the human desires, emotions, and needs at play. He emphasizes that understanding human nature, problem-solving, and basic business principles are more important than the industry in which a business operates.

Once the problem and solution have been identified, Brown considers who the right people are to efficiently and effectively put the mechanisms in place to execute that solution. As a leader, he believes his job is to eliminate any obstacles that may hinder the team’s success – to empower and support the team members by removing those barriers. 

Brown has been successful in a wide range of sectors, from large corporations to small businesses, by focusing on these fundamental principles. 

On the topic of the day – artificial intelligence, or AI – Brown said he has used AI to increase efficiency and reduce costs in his business endeavors. Still, he reminds entrepreneurs that AI has limitations and needs human input to refine and improve its output. He notes that AI has an exponential incremental learning capacity, meaning that the more data and feedback it receives, the brighter it becomes. 

Brown believes that the potential applications of artificial intelligence in business are only beginning to be understood. He is a minority owner and board member of a medical device company that uses virtual reality and proprietary gamified artificial intelligence software to treat patients with traumatic brain injuries, long COVID, and Alzheimer’s disease. The AI can read a patient’s ability to complete specific tasks and adjust them to activate different parts of the brain in real time. 

Brown considers this a powerful example of how artificial intelligence can be used in the medical field to improve patient outcomes – but the humans in the company come with their stories and reasons on why those outcomes are meaningful to individuals and families. In his case, his personal connection comes from losing friends and family to these conditions. 

That’s why, said Brown, combining humanity’s emotional quotient with technology can be highly effective in business. Technology can eliminate unnecessary tasks, increase efficiency and lead to improved treatment and outcomes, but leaders and entrepreneurs should never neglect the need to focus on understanding their end users and consider their desires, fears, and frustrations. 

By clearly identifying the specific problem they are solving, businesses can benefit their customers, and the rest will follow. Brown is passionate about championing those striving to provide a better life for themselves, their employees, and their community. He truly believes that conscientious entrepreneurs and business owners contribute to the greater good by providing jobs, revenue, and opportunity, and he wants to help them succeed in any way possible.

At the same time, he wants to help entrepreneurs avoid what he calls the “keyman’s prison” – that point at which the business owner or a key figure is essential to its success, making it impossible for them to take a break or make independent decisions without negatively impacting the business. Being trapped in a keyman’s prison, said Brown, is a self-imposed limitation that prevents one from living authentically and making decisions that align with their true desires. Even if the prison is comfortable, it is still a prison. 

Brown strives to help entrepreneurs build and structure a business that can operate efficiently without dependency on one individual, allowing for greater freedom and autonomy – because the entrepreneur’s desires and needs matter, too.


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JB Brown is an expert in solving business problems and emphasizes that success is all about the people involved in the business, including the customers and the team members. Unlike other business consultants who typically assist companies to grow to $5-$15 million in revenue, JB has the experience and expertise to take businesses to the next level, generating $100-200 million in revenue. His reputation as a billion-dollar business powerhouse and industry thought leader had been earned through selling over a billion dollars in products and services and brokering over $200 million in businesses. He has consulted companies such as Boston Scientific, Intuitive Surgical, and Agora Financial across different industries.

JB’s wealth of knowledge and experience has made him a sought-after keynote speaker who appears on various media platforms such as news programs, television shows, and podcasts, sharing insights on business growth strategies, buying and selling businesses, financial trends, and conflict resolution. As a motivational speaker, JB can also speak to leadership development in industry, family, or marriage.

JB excels in identifying traps that limit business growth and adapting proven success concepts to meet clients’ specific needs. As a result, he helps businesses create a powerful, predictable, and repeatable advantage over the competition while enabling business owners to achieve the life they want.

JB Brown’s website, , features his consulting services, speaking engagements, and a blog. Brown’s Facebook page,, is where he posts updates about his work and personal life. Finally, JB Brown’s LinkedIn profile,, provides more detailed information about his professional background and experience.

JB Brown’s Acadia Ventures is a brand that caters to a diverse audience, including investors, business owners, entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, and CEOs. The brand aims to help these individuals achieve their goals by providing valuable consultation and proven success concepts.

At the heart of Acadia Ventures is the belief that everyone deserves to “Grow, Exit, and Live Well.” This quote embodies the brand’s focus on helping individuals grow their businesses, plan for a successful exit strategy, and live fulfilling lives.

Whether you’re an investor looking for the next ample opportunity, a business owner seeking to take your company to the next level, or an aspiring entrepreneur with a vision for the future, Acadia Ventures is here to help you achieve your goals. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in various industries, the brand is committed to providing customized solutions that give you a robust, predictable, and repeatable advantage.

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