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CreatorClub simplifies content creation by connecting brands and creators to tell their stories at scale

The competition for attention is on the rise. From students to entrepreneurs to c-suite executives, people are consuming content more than ever, and they are increasingly opting for video and audio. For organizations and businesses to be effective and communicate their value, well-produced video and audio content has been driving results — however production at scale has remained a resource challenge. At a time where hybrid and remote work has become permanent for many, the need for engaging, quality — yet efficient — content has only increased.

This is why Canadian VC and entrepreneur Anthony Lacavera partnered with Toronto-based agency King Street Media to launch CreatorClub. CreatorClub is a modern content studio and production house for the digital era. It is a hub for sharing big ideas, telling stories and creating high-quality, impactful content at scale.

The average time spent listening to audio content online each week increased again since 2020 — reaching over 16 hours per week, Infinite Dial reported. Nearly 9 out of 10 people reported wanting to see more videos from brands last year, according to Content Marketing Institute.

Creating consistent, high quality, relevant content on a regular basis is not always possible for leaders, executives and entrepreneurs due to the lack of access to content creators, efficient processes and studio space. From equipment, technology and location; to editing and sharing effectively, it is not easy to manage internally.

CreatorClub provides an all-inclusive solution, from planning to studio space to distribution. 

“With our simple full-service subscription model, CreatorClub is removing the hassle of sourcing and coordinating creators, so that entrepreneurs and thought leaders can come in, contribute their expertise, and get back to business.” — Anthony Chiaravalloti, Co-Founder of CreatorClub and Managing Partner at King Street Media.

The first CreatorClub studio location is now open in the financial district of downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada with future locations planned across major North American cities.

“From personal branding to online community building, podcasts and quality video content provide a real opportunity to connect authentically and build stronger connections with stakeholders. CreatorClub not only simplifies the content creation process, but also the planning and distribution to ensure you’re reaching the right audience.” — Daniel Francavilla, Co-Founder & CMO, CreatorClub.

Beyond a space and service provider, CreatorClub is a platform, building and training a community of talented creatives. CreatorClub Network is a curated roster of creative professionals passionate about storytelling and content creation. 

Learn more at or follow @creatorclubstudios.

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