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Creator of the Perfect Pixie Cut, Uno Williams, Shares His Tremendous Techniques Through His Brand

A new hairstyle can be a woman’s crowning glory. It could make or break an entire look in a variety of ways. There is a delicate art when it comes to styling hair, and achieving a sleek blonde pixie cut is often a challenge for many hairstylists. It is a difficult style to pull off, but it could also produce magnificent results when done right. Fortunately, Brandon “Uno” Williams is equipped with the perfect touch to pull it off for women, and he is now teaching other hairstylists how to execute his technique.

For years, many stylists have relied on flawed approaches and poor techniques when it comes to creating this look. Additionally, it was believed that women of color wouldn’t be able to achieve platinum blond tresses as it would cause damage to their hair. As a result, many women have left salons unhappy with their results. In 2001, Uno Williams entered the hairstyling industry and noticed this pressing style issue that needed to be solved. He dedicated himself to his craft and took a couple of years to train and research new methods. 

Eventually, his efforts would bear fruit giving rise to the creation of the Perfect Platinum Pixie technique, a method designed for women of color that achieves a bone-straight platinum pixie haircut on textured hair while still maintaining the integrity of their tresses. “There are many stylists that do platinum pixie styles, however, sometimes those looks are unpolished. The Perfect Platinum Pixie allows for a same-day service of coloring and straightening with a sleek finish,” said Uno.

In 2020, Uno Williams started training other stylists on his patent-pending Perfect Platinum Pixie technique, allowing stylists to learn the craft and improve their careers and businesses in the long run. Today, Uno’s technique has become the premier service offered by over 250 certified specialists around the United States and in the Caribbean areas. 

“I saw a problem, found a solution, and am now sharing that information with the world,” shared Uno Williams. Through the creation of his program, he hopes to spark a revolution of collaboration within the hairstyling industry. He hopes that his work will serve as an inspiration for other stylists to share their techniques and ideas, so the industry players can grow together and help each other out.

“I want stylists to see that they too can increase their revenue by trying new things,” expressed the renowned hair stylist. “That kind of mindset can help them expand their client base as well as their prestige,” he added.

To learn more about Uno Williams and the Perfect Platinum Pixie System, make sure to check out his official website.

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