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CleanPro 360 Helps Maryland Businesses Maintain Cleanliness with Floor Care Services

CleanPro 360
Photo Courtesy: CleanPro 360

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, people have a renewed sense of value in disinfection and cleanliness. As a result, more businesses are searching for the right company to maintain their facility’s commercial cleaning needs. CleanPro 360 is known for going above and beyond to keep businesses in and around Baltimore, Maryland, clean and healthy. The company’s decades of cleaning experience and quality control ensure that the services provided by CleanPro follow a higher standard than other cleaning companies. 

We recently spoke with CleanPro 360 about the importance of floor maintenance and how proper floor care is the foundation of a facility’s cleanliness. Most workplaces typically have carpets, vinyl composition tile (VCT), ceramic tile and grout, or concrete flooring. These floors will become dirty, worn, and even damaged if not periodically cleaned and correctly maintained. 

Here’s a Breakdown of CleanPro 360’s Floor Care Services:

VCT FLOOR REFINISHING (tile strip and wax)

Vinyl composition tile (VCT) flooring is in most offices, breakrooms, schools, and medical rooms. VCT flooring should be shiny and clean; however, it has a protective wax coating that wears away with time. CleanPro 360 uses special equipment to remove (strip) old wax, dirt, scuffs, and stains from the flooring. Then, the flooring is rinsed clean, and CleanPro uses a unique flat mop process to apply the new coats of floor finish wax. The frequency of this floor care service depends on the business’s foot traffic.   


Photo Courtesy: CleanPro 360

Carpets are like a filtration system for your office. Unfortunately, carpets become worn, stained, and filled with germs and bacteria. CleanPro 360 makes carpet cleaning simple and fast with a low-moisture cleaning process. CleanPro reduces business downtime because carpets are clean, sanitized, deodorized, and completely dry in just one hour. 


CleanPro 360 is genuinely changing the game with tile and grout deep cleaning services. They remove dirt, grease, bacteria, and germs from the flooring with their extraction cleaning process. CleanPro 360 even offers grout line color sealing which helps keep grout lines cleaner and protected for years to come. 


The polished concrete “trend” isn’t set to expire anytime soon as this market size is expected to grow into the billions. As a result, CleanPro 360 has become a contender in serving Maryland businesses with concrete floor polishing, cleaning, and maintenance. First, they remove existing tile, carpet, or epoxy coating from the concrete flooring, then joints, seams, and cracks are repaired. Next, CleanPro uses state-of-the-art equipment alongside highly trained team members to polish the concrete floors, leaving them clean, protected, and great-looking.  


Photo Courtesy: CleanPro 360

Customers can schedule a free service quote at A CleanPro Specialist will then visit the facility to assess the service needs of the floors and discuss a cleaning plan. During this visit, CleanPro will provide service pricing for the customer. 

Since 2008, CleanPro 360 has been a leading service provider for businesses needing floor care services across Maryland. If your business is interested in learning more about and follow them on Instagram: @CleanPro360 

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