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Building Resilience Through Enterprise Maturity: Natavi Consulting and Investments Offers Innovative Solutions for Business Transformation

Natavi Consulting and Investments
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In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, adaptability and innovation have become critical for companies to thrive. Natavi Consulting and Investments, a multidisciplinary innovation consultancy and investment firm, is at the forefront of helping organizations achieve internal transformation and navigate disruptions. Led by Olatorera Balogun, a renowned changemaker and Partner/Global Operations and Supply Chain expert, Natavi provides cutting-edge solutions to optimize business processes and drive growth.

As Henry Ford once said, “We do not make changes for the sake of making them, but we never fail to make a change when once it is demonstrated that the new way is better than the old way.” Guided by this philosophy, Natavi Consulting and Investments embraces change as an opportunity to create value for businesses and their customers.

With a mission to improve equity investments in creative technology companies and startups, Natavi Consulting and Investments has established a reputation for delivering maximum results with minimum time, effort, expense, or risk. By combining business logic with deep insights from management research and analysis, Natavi offers unique perspectives that drive positive impact and innovation for clients.

At the core of Natavi’s expertise lies their focus on Enterprise Maturity – the evolution of business practices from dysfunction to technological integration. Recognizing the immense challenges brought by globalization, technological advances, scarcity of resources, and social changes, Natavi understands the urgency for companies to adapt swiftly and efficiently.

Olatorera Balogun explains, “If a company wishes to be competitive, it must be flexible and innovative, responding systematically to changes with new solutions that add value both to customers/users and to the company. It must also be rapid, as it must do so at high speed, at least at the same rate of change as the market, which is now intrinsically very fast. We help companies navigate their way out and ahead of disruptions through internal transformation.”

By partnering with Natavi, startups, small and medium-scale businesses, as well as CEOs and founders, gain access to innovative solutions that drive growth and resilience. Some of the key benefits highlighted by Olatorera Balogun include end-to-end automation of business processes for more efficient and streamlined operations; centralized and controlled processes, leading to faster service delivery, customization, and responsiveness; better data capturing at all touchpoints, enabling more informed decision-making; expanded customer reach and increased profitability; future-proofing against disruptions by adapting internal processes and trading practices to the ever-changing world; and reduced product and people obsolescence.

“Maturity is beyond technology enablers but a set of combined enablers comprising tech, quality processes, social alignments, financial and corporate goals all controlled for the benefits of all the players,” adds Olatorera Balogun. “As enterprise matures, more concrete values such as trust, collaboration and coordination play out more. If we keep innovating, our businesses shall continually grow.”

With an impressive track record of serving over one hundred clients across Africa and the United Kingdom, Natavi Consulting and Investments is committed to driving digital transformation, enterprise maturity, and business success.

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