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Brennan Tolman Becomes Youngest Board Member In Kids On The Move History

Brennan Tolman is a highly skilled and accomplished entrepreneur, business leader, and philanthropist. With a wealth of experience in digital media creation, branding, and paid advertising, he has made a name for himself in the business world. However, his true passion is using his skills and expertise to be of service to others. Recently, he made history by becoming the youngest Board Member in history for Kids On The Move (KOTM), a non-profit organization based in Orem, Utah, that helps thousands of children with autism and other conditions get an early start in life. 

Brennan’s extensive skills in the field of digital media and branding are what caught the attention of KOTM. As a result, he was asked to host their annual Appreciation Gala, which brought together high-end donors from all over the world. Brennan shared his personal experiences with autism within his family and why helping these children is so important to him. “Every child has infinite value, and if I can help even just a few children feel that value in my time as a board member, then it will have been a success,” he says.

Growing up, Brennan witnessed one of his best friends struggle with high-functioning autism, making him realize that people with this challenge are some of the kindest and most wonderful people on the planet. “One of the hardest things for me was growing up watching my friend with high-functioning autism think there was something broken inside of him. I think there was a part of him that felt unlovable because of his challenges. As a Board Member of KOTM, my goal is to help children know they aren’t broken; they have infinite value just the way they are,” he says.

One of Brennan’s main goals as a Board Member for KOTM is to raise more donations so the organization can reach and help even more children. KOTM plans to raise funds to build a new center, and Brennan’s experience in digital advertising and content creation will be critical in helping them achieve this goal. The Board of Directors and the amazing staff at KOTM never stop working to help the children, and Brennan is honored to be a part of such a dedicated team.

Brennan Tolman is committed to using his skills and knowledge to make a difference in the lives of children and help them reach their full potential. His passion for helping those with autism and other struggles serves as an inspiration to all. Furthermore, his dedication to making a difference in the lives of others is evident in his work as a Board Member for KOTM, and he will surely positively impact the lives of the children they serve.

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