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Author Suzette Shanle’s Book “Daddy’s Issues” Greenlit for TV Series Adaptation

Every writer’s dream is to see their work transcend the pages of their manuscripts. But, beyond getting published, seeing written works come alive in films or television series adds more flavor and color to the creative process. Author Suzette Shanle’s “Daddy Issues” autobiography is one of the latest works to be considered for television adaptation.

The book, described by a reader as “not for the faint-hearted,” chronicles Suzette’s journey through life as the underdog who has gone through many challenges. Early on in her career, Suzette Shanle was recognized by the Vice President of the United States for her writing skills. She was even given security clearance to have a face to face with Dan Quayle. She also showcases her artistic skills in fashion through her fashion line Le Galeriste Suzette Shanle, which mainly caters to women but is set to release products for men in the future. She’s a full-fledged creative whose skills span multiple dimensions in the art world. Following the success of the first installment of “Daddy Issues,” she has announced that the second edition is in the works and promises even more excitement for readers.

Currently, Suzette is pushing forward a tv series titled Suzette’s Daddy Issues. She is excited about the process of assisting the scriptwriter, and the actors and actresses are on standby for the show. Suzette also shared what else to look forward to in this upcoming series, “the networks we are pitching are excited and are considering the story. There is a large pool of networks and film companies to consider. We are looking for the right fit for our show.  We have a script for a family drama and tv series, but the story could go many ways. It could be filmed as a movie or three-part series. Due to its rich content and colorful characters,” she shared. Suzette thinks a series would give it the life on film it needs. There is a lot to get excited about this as she is writing the second part of the story, and according to her, there’s sixty years’ worth of content and drama. 

Suzette began her hair and makeup career as a stylist for the models at Tampa Bay Magazine and other print publications. Her print work led to her first television job on the Auto Trader show, where she moved from behind the camera to being one of the hosts. She attended college and got a degree in science and art, after which she found her passion in writing. The current entertainment sphere supports independent creative entrepreneurs, and Suzette Shanle fits that bill perfectly. Despite her passion for the arts, she dived into business by owning a salon for most of her career, which made it easy for her to branch out to other creative platforms. While owning and operating a business, she had developed the flexibility to cultivate her creative spirit. “I always believed in myself and my abilities. I do not have any limits, and I believe anything can be achieved as long as one’s heart is set on achieving it,” Suzette said.

Having set her foot firmly on the entertainment path, she has dug deeper and built a career by reinventing herself and her creative outlook on life. Her interaction with other people showcases her pleasing, energetic and infectious personality, which is why many people gravitate towards her on social media platforms.

As she adapts her book to a series in hopes of hitting the screens, Suzette is already working on the next edition while planning to expand her clothing line to cater to men’s fashion needs. She maintains positivity as she charges forward, the eternal underdog we all root for. “My book is about my personal life story. I have experienced many heartbreaks and challenges. I am the underdog in my book and life, and nothing has kept me going but persistence and perseverance. Everything about my brand reflects my personality and story,” she said. Suzette hopes to leave a legacy of art and compassion for those who struggle so they can continue to set the bar higher and higher as goals are completed. “The sky is the limit for us, we all just have to believe,” she added.

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