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3 Guys In Brooklyn Brew The Perfect Sunday Morning Cup

Jeremy and Paul at Birch Coffee have been working everyday for the last few years to perfect their brew. Hear from them how they are able to make Sunday mornings even sweeter with coffee brewed to perfection.

Jeremy Lyman and Paul Schlader of Birch Coffee

  1. Jeremy Lyman and Paul Schlader of Birch Coffee are the guys behind the perfect Sunday morning cup.
  2. The duo began tinkering with coffee brewing about 10 years ago.
  3. They opened their first coffee shop in Brooklyn in 2012.
  4. Since then, they’ve been perfecting their craft and sharing their knowledge with others.
  5. Their coffee is now available at select cafes and online.
  6. If you’re looking for the perfect cup of coffee, you can’t go wrong with Birch Coffee.

The Perfect Sunday Morning Cup

The perfect Sunday morning cup is brewed by the guys in Brooklyn. This cup is made with a special blend of coffee beans that are roasted to perfection. The coffee is then brewed using a special method that results in a rich and flavorful cup of coffee.

The perfect Sunday morning cup is also made with milk from local dairy farms. The milk is sourced from cows that graze on grassy pastures. This gives the milk a richer flavor that enhances the flavor of the coffee.

The guys in Brooklyn take great pride in their coffee and it shows in the quality of their product. They use only the finest ingredients and carefully craft each cup to perfection. If you’re looking for the perfect cup of coffee to start your day, look no further than the guys in Brooklyn.


There are a few key ingredients that go into making the perfect Sunday morning cup of coffee. First, you need good quality coffee beans. Brooklyn Roasting Company has some great options to choose from. Second, you need filtered water. This will help to make your coffee taste less bitter. Third, you need to use the right ratio of coffee to water. Too much coffee will make your drink taste bitter, while too little will make it taste weak. Fourth, you need to brew your coffee for the right amount of time. If you brew it for too long, it will taste burnt. Fifth, you need to add the right amount of milk and sugar. Too much milk or sugar will make your coffee too sweet.

These are just a few of the key ingredients that go into making the perfect Sunday morning cup of coffee. Follow these tips and you’re sure to enjoy a delicious cup of joe.

Time and Cost

  1. Time and Cost: It takes about four minutes to brew a cup of coffee using the pour-over method. Pour-over coffee costs about $2 per cup, which is cheaper than buying coffee from a café.
  2. Convenience: The pour-over method is very convenient for making coffee at home. All you need is a filter, ground coffee, and hot water. You can make coffee in small batches, so you don’t have to make a whole pot of coffee if you don’t want to.
  3. Taste: Pour-over coffee has a rich, full flavor because all of the coffee grounds are evenly saturate with water. This results in a more flavorful cup of coffee than other brewing methods.
  4. Aesthetics: Pour-over coffee looks beautiful when it’s brew. The slow, steady stream of water creates a mesmerizing effect as it drips into the cup below.

The pour-over method is the perfect way to brew coffee for a Sunday morning cup. It’s time and cost effective, convenient, and produces a delicious cup of coffee.


There you have it — the perfect Sunday morning cup, brewed by guys in Brooklyn. We hope you enjoyed our little tour of Brooklyn and that you’ll give this coffee a try. Who knows, maybe you’ll even find yourself making a trip to Brooklyn for a cup of joe!

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